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Martin Morse Wooster

At Philanthropy Daily, Martin Morse Wooster writes about various organizations that donors should look into based on the causes they wish to support.

Suppose you want to give money to support journalism. What should you do?

John J. Miller, who directs the journalism program at Hillsdale College and is the author of A Gift of Freedom, the authorized history of the Olin Foundation, looks at one way, which is to support organizations that defend free speech. If you are concerned about colleges muzzling heterodox professors, then it might be worth your time to examine the programs of the American Council on Trustees and Alumni, the National Association of Scholars, or the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). If you want to support journalists more directly, many magazines and websites are either run by nonprofits or have nonprofit affiliates, including the National Review Institute, the Reason Foundation, and Commentary, Inc.

Martin goes on to discuss other philanthropic interests such as foreign policy and highlights further ideas and suggestions on how to get most of your philanthropy dollars.

Read the whole article at Philanthropy Daily.


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