Accused Professor Reinstated

Ashley Thorne

Thomas Thibeault, a professor of English at East Georgia College, was escorted from campus by police and suspended from teaching two days after he criticized the school's sexual harassment policy for lack of protection for the falsely accused. It appears that after voicing his concerns about the policy, he himself was falsely accused of sexual harassment. FIRE took on the case and now reports that East Georgia College has reinstated Thibeault after finding no evidence of sexual harassment. FIRE says that the case is "far from over," as EGC president John B. Black has engaged in new abuses of freedom. Greg Lukianoff said in a press release:

President Black has added to his blatant abuses of power by reprimanding Professor Thibeault for his speech, but never bothering to mention precisely what his offense was. Black has already retaliated against Thibeault by informing him that his contract would not be renewed after the spring semester. The bullying tactics at this college are breathtaking.

FIRE has enabled readers to take action and write to President Black and the Board of Regents by completing this form. NAS will be watching this case. SEE ALSO: NAS's statement on Sexual Harassment and Academic Freedom

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