AQ Author Toby Huff Cited in New York Times

Ashley Thorne

The New York Times recently ran an article by Edward Rothstein ("To Each His Own Museum, as Identity Goes on Display") about museum exhibitions that seek to vindicate certain groups' historical roles but end up distorting history through an overemphasis on group identity. In it Rothstein cites The Rise of Early Modern Science, a book by 2009 Academic Questions author Toby Huff:

And in the Golden Age of Islam, however we define it, the culture of learning was controlled by the mosques. As the fascinating book “The Rise of Early Modern Science,” by Toby E. Huff, suggests, this may have actually limited scientific research and its transmission.

Dr. Huff's AQ article, "What the West Doesn't Owe Islam," appeared in our special issue on academic revisionism.

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