Arizona Embraces K-12 "Ignorance"

Glenn Ricketts

Last May, we thought it was reason to celebrate when Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed HB 2281 into law, mercifully eliminating a Chicano Studies curriculum - La Raza Studies, as it was also called - which seemed designed to foment group antagonism between whites and Hispanics in the state's elementary schools. If you're not familiar with the program's often incendiary pedagogy, have a look at Ashley Thorne's compellingly documented piece which appeared here at the time. Today however, one of the regular "brainstormers" at the Chronicle of Higher Education hyperventilates about Arizona's new law and thinks that a very good thing has been destroyed by a bunch of yahoos, who are triumphally ushering in a one-dimensional reign of ignorance. I'll simply suggest that you compare the two articles and leave it at that.

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