Climate Science or 'Scientology'?

Candace de Russy

Charlie Martin skewers "Fraud Denier" warmist Phil Plait for calling the global warming e-mails a "non-event." Here's Martin's emphatic refutation at Discover, which appears to be a scientific "insiders" blogsite (bracketed comments mine):

Phil, this is really shameful. If you think there was no attempt to silence scientists with differing ideas, call up Roger Pielke (either of them [father or son]). Have a look at Hans von Storch’s web page.As for fraud, I don’t believe that Hansen, Mann, Jones, and Schmidt [all involved in the e-mails scandal] have been holding secret Climate SMERSH meetings to plan a conscious fraud. It’s much more insidious than that: they simply decided on the Right Explanation for the general warming trend (that nobody I know of questions [there are those that do]), and then apparently ensured the “corrections” and splices matches [sic] that Right Explanation. They didn’t massage the data, they waterboarded it into submission. They then conspired to prevent people, even people like Pielke Sr who believed in general in both the warming and anthropogenicity, but who believed in other mechanisms for the anthropogenic forcings, from being published. Oddly, when we look at the data, we find that the corrections dominate the raw data signal, and constitute most or all of the temperature change that was then published as a “result.” On the FOIA front, they clearly conspired (in 20 emails rather than 2) to find ways to prevent their data from being released. Jones even requested certain emails be deleted after they were requested via FOIA. So, I suppose if you think manipulating data, misconduct in peer review, and what appear to have been multiple felonies are nothing, I can’t argue [but, of course, he is doing just that]. But this isn’t climate science, this is climate scientology.
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