Collegiate Press Roundup

Glenn Ricketts

We present our weekly review of selected student journalists and editors.   In this edition, they examine the status of women at home and abroad, the FDA’s dubious anti-smoking campaign, President Obama’s political philosophy, and how to handle yourself as a new freshman, come fall.

  1.  The editors of The Phoenix at Swarthmore College argue that the administration needs to get serious about faculty diversity, and make new hires accordingly.
  2. A columnist for the UT/Knoxville’s Daily Beacon describes the therapeutic benefits of watching fashion TV.
  3. Taking note of the recent national uproar over some frat house antics at Yale, an opinion writer for the Daily Cougar at the University of Houston thinks it’s time stop busting on fraternities so much.
  4. Despite all of the negative media commentary about the dubious worth of a college degree these days, a commentator for the Daily Utah Chronicle thinks that it’s about a lot more than jobs and money.
  5. A guest op ed writer for The Branding Iron at the University of Wyoming thinks that national educational priorities need to be shaken up drastically.
  6. Say what you want about President Obama’s economic and fiscal policies, but a political analyst for the Oklahoma Daily doesn’t see how you can call him a socialist. Or at least not a “hardcore” socialist.
  7. Did you ever hear of “hashtags?” A writer at the Miami Student explains them for you, and elaborates their connection to existentialism.
  8. A columnist for the Indiana Daily Student examines the principal varieties of the contemporary conservative movement, and is heartened by the growing number of youthful adherents in its ranks.
  9. While it may be true that women are treated badly in other parts of the world, a columnist for the University Daily Kansan thinks they don’t have it so hot much closer to home, either.
  10. A writer for the Daily Californian marvels at her own road to UC/Berkeley, and ponders the impact of closing local public libraries for others who’d like to follow.
  11.  As George Washington U anticipates the arrival of its freshman class in late August, a member of the Hatchet editorial board offers some advice for getting adjusted.
  12. 1Although the FDA is right to try and persuade us not to smoke, an editorialist for the Diamondback at U of M thinks their recent PR campaign is way off base, and won’t work.


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