Collegiate Press Roundup 3-30-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular sampling of student journalists and editors, as they address various and sundry topics in their campus newspapers. 

  1. Student editors of The Daily Free Press at Boston University accuse the US Marine Corps of “hatred.” 
  2. At Smith College, The Sophian announces that the school’s first annual Social Justice Week will be held shortly.  Read about the details here.
  3. A student writer for the Temple News in Philadelphia tries to rev up the campus feminist movement, which she thinks has lost its fire: 
  4. At the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, editors of the Daily Tar Heel consider demands by some students that the paper require “gender inclusive” language of its writers.  Student correspondents comment. 
  5. At UCLA, a Daily Bruin op-ed counsels the student body on how to react to an upcoming appearance on campus by journalist Ann Coulter: 
  6. Student columnist and interlocutors exchange views on campus protest tactics and the issue of immigration reform in The Daily Texan:
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