Collegiate Press Roundup 7-28-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular sampling of student journalists and editors, who are staying on the job through the summer. This week’s writers have advice for the President, finger the culprit in the BP oil spill, defend smoking bans and examine Sarah Palin’s Twitter neologisms. 

1)      An op-ed writer in OU/Norman’s Oklahoma Daily assesses Sarah Palin’s use of Twitter to modify the English language. One of his colleagues and many commenters have different opinions.

2)      Posting from the countryside in France, a Harvard Crimson staffer describes the eerie décor of the poppies that adorn a WW I battlefield.

3)      A transplanted New Jersey native, writing in the Daily Texan, discusses her adjustment to life in the Lone Star State and the prospects for legalizing same-sex marriage there.

4)      For a summer time reflection in West Virginia University’s Daily Athenaeum, a regular columnist says that there are much better ways to use online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. For one thing, you can stop putting yourself on display all the time.

5)      An opinion writer for UW/Madison’s Daily Cardinal blasts GOP gubernatorial candidates who’ve pledged to support repeal of Wisconsin’s anti-smoking statute.

6)      The new editorial board at George Washington U’s The Hatchet introduce themselves, and encourage feedback from their fellow students.

7)      A Stanford Daily regular is intrigued by a new game which connects art, syntax and thought.

8)      As significant state budget cuts seem imminent, the editors of UC Berkeley’s Daily Californian urge the school’s chancellor not to over do it with elimination of financially productive athletic programs.

9)      A political analyst in The Dartmouth urges the Obama administration to ignore the GOP’s defense of expiring Bush tax cuts.

10)  If you want to assign blame for the BP oil spill disaster, look no further than misconceived federal drilling regulations, says a columnist in CSU’s Rocky Mountain Collegian.

11)  Writing in Emory University’s The Wheel, the speaker of the Student Government Association suggests that President Obama could take some useful pointers on bipartisanship from British Prime Minister David Cameron.

12)  The editorial board of the Minnesota Daily think that Wikileak’s decision to release classified documents and correspondence about the war in Afghanistan was spot on, and will make for a more informed citizenry.


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