Collegiate Press Roundup 9-23-10

Glenn Ricketts

We present our regular review of selected student journalists and editors.   This week, they're interested in foreign policy, romantic texting and summer travel abroad. 

  1. The editors of the Auburn Plainsman take a stand against surging American Islamophobia.
  2. A writer for The Review at the University of Delaware takes up the same theme, and wonders why the religions of the world can’t coexist.
  3. At UCal Irvine, the op ed staff of The New University urge returning students to get involved: the pressing budgetary issues in the California system need their attention and response.
  4. A columnist for The Bates Student takes a look at how texting has enormously complicated the dynamics of traditional romance. It’s probably here to stay, but she wishes it weren’t.
  5. An op ed writer for the Columbia Spectator argues that there’s a very long way to go before gender discrimination has been eliminated in the workplace.
  6. The copy editor at the Denver University Clarion agrees, and urges today’s college women to go for it: not only can they “have it all,” they must.
  7. At Rice University, a writer for The Thresher notes past failures of US strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, and urges the Obama administration to finish the job right this time.
  8. “Diversity” is not simply about numbers and statistics, and the editors of U of Va.’s Cavalier Daily suggest that the university take a more nuanced approach.
  9. A news item from Western Washington University’s Western Front describes the many benefits of a new “gender inclusive” undergraduate housing option.
  10. Just back from a summer in China, a writer for The Dartmouth tells readers that the country bears little resemblance to the prevalent media image in the United States.
  11. A upperclassman writing in the GW Hatchet offers incoming freshmen a dose of reality about the value of a college education.
  12. Although he’s gung-ho-for-green, a writer for the Williams College Record hopes that he can be green and have fun as well.
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