Congratulations President-Elect Trump


The National Association of Scholars offers its congratulations to President-elect Donald Trump. 

We are a non-partisan organization that does not endorse candidates for political office, and our members represent a wide variety of political perspectives.  All of us, however, are strong supporters of our republic, the rule of law, and the free institutions that make America exceptional. 

The 2016 Presidential election, like many before it, was hard-fought and heightened tensions on issues on which Americans disagree.  But Americans will once again find their way back to mutual accommodation. Disappointment among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters will turn to determination to prevail in future contests.  Elation among Mr. Trump’s supporters will turn to discretion and thoughtfulness about how to govern our sometimes fractious nation.

Though non-partisan, the NAS has always been keenly interested in political proposals that bear on higher education and the trajectory of our civilization. We welcome President Trump’s considerable interest in reforming student loans, reexamining the use of college endowments, curtailing the amounts colleges spend on superfluous matters, trimming the costs of regulatory compliance, protecting free speech, and changing the culture of higher education to make it more intellectually open.  We anticipate that his skepticism about man-made catastrophic global warming could move universities to reconsider their idée fixe on the topic. President Trump has also raised appropriate questions about the role of the Department of Education and its Office for Civil Rights. 

The National Association of Scholars welcomes the opportunity to offer our counsel to President Trump.  Just as we congratulated President Obama upon his election to the nation’s highest office, we offer our good will and best wishes to the new administration.


Image: Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore // CC BY SA 2.0

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