Congratulations President Obama

Peter Wood

The National Association of Scholars champions freedom.  Nowhere is that ideal better exemplified than in our nation’s enduring commitment to the free elections that every four years give us the opportunity to vote on the individual who will serve as President. Our congratulations to President Obama on his reelection.  

We are a non-partisan organization which means, among other things, that we don’t endorse candidates for office.  We do, however, analyze and sometimes critique what office holders and candidates say about higher education, and we spent considerable time over the last four years tracking President Obama’s numerous and complicated policies affecting higher education.  We will continue that important work.   On some issues, such as the use of racial preferences in college admissions and the continuing federally-backed expansion of higher education, we differ from the President.  We will press forward with our arguments. 

But today is a day for celebrating our republic.  As a system of government, it depends on the good will and good character of citizens who remain mindful of its principles and who understand the sacrifices of earlier generations.  Our colleges and universities play a crucial role in ensuring that we as a people are fitted to our responsibilities.  We pledge to do our part, and we wish President Obama every success in helping America better realize its promise of ordered liberty.

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