Documentary on E.D. Hirsch: Call for Participants

Matthew Davis is working on a documentary film on the intellectual career of E. D. Hirsch, tracing his career from his early work on the Romantic Poets, through his work on hermeneutics and composition, to his work on cultural literacy and elementary education. Davis has shot several hours of interview footage with Hirsch himself and is looking to supplement this core material with additional video and stills. He would be interested in communicating with people who studied with or under Hirsch at Cornell (1946-50), Yale (1952-1965), or the University of Virginia (1965-c.2009), as well as others who have an interest in Hirsch's ideas. If you are interested, please visit the film's Facebook page, "Wherever It May Lead: The Intellectual Journey of E. D. Hirsch" and/or contact Matthew Davis at

Matthew Davis is a project director at the Core Knowledge Foundation.

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