Evan Maloney: How Colleges Try to Indoctrinate U

Andy Nash

Evan Maloney, documentary film producer of Indoctrinate U, joins Andy Nash for an eye-opening behind-the-scenes look at the making of his film.  Focusing on some of the most egregious cases, it highlights what prompted the making of the film. Click on the video below to watch the 20-minute interview.

From InsideAcademia.tv:

Key Take-Aways 

  • :58  A wake-up to the height of political correctness. (2 min, 30 sec)
  • 2:45  The extent of the problem – and the Foundation for Individual Rights In Education. (2 min, 15 sec)
  • 5:25  Racially charged flyers?  Or political persecution of students?  (3 min, 30 sec)
  • 9:15  Dress up as the Jackson 5, or racist death threats – guess which one gets punished. (3 min)
  • 14:05  What made universities so illiberal? (2 min, 45 sec)
  • 17:00  People come forward and speak out, unchallenged students are ripped off. (2 min, 40 sec)
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