Fixing our Foundation: Comments on Education Reform


Peter Wood’s interview was originally published in The Daily Caller. We post the video below. You can also watch the video and read the accompanying article here.

NAS President Peter Wood joined Ginni Thomas in Washington DC, commenting on the state of American higher education and discussing possible methods to repair society's foundation. Explaining that an education system dominated by the left has produced "people who think that...America is an experiment in hypocrisy and that the only thing we can do is overturn what our forefathers have handed down to us," Wood advocates for amending the Higher Education Act and establishing a commission on American Exceptionalism. Wood also provides an update on NAS's work, mentioning our latest report, Making Citizens, a study of America's substitution of political activism for true civics education. Upcoming reports were also introduced, including one on China's soft power influence in American colleges. 




Image: United States Capitol by Phil Roeder // CC BY 2.0

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