Going Green is Part of Social Integrity? No Comment

Ashley Thorne

From the Bi-College News comes an article by a conscience-stricken Haverford College junior, Simone Weisman. Here's an excerpt:

At Haverford, with our balance, humility, and curiosity, our community is in the perfect position for going green. Not because it’s the glamorous thing to do, but because it’s part of social integrity.

An Honor Code must link social integrity with ecological sustainability. Students, faculty, and staff should work together to create and implement a plan for reducing energy consumption on campus. Examples may include carbon reduction initiatives, installing CFL light bulbs and automatic lighting, and consuming local products that may be recycled through biological or technical nutrient cycles. On a basic level, let’s get rid of those trays already!

Hmm...no comment, except to say that this article might prove helpful.


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