Introducing Inside Academia: The Bloggingheads of Education

Ashley Thorne

I'm thrilled about the launch of Inside Academia! Here's a description of it from Thomas A. Shakely at Phi Beta Cons:

And so, in the spirit of directness and accessibility, I’m pleased to introduce “Inside Academia,” a new project aimed at slicing through the jargon. Inside Academia, hosted by Andy Nash, is a weekly video interview program distributed at In split-screen format, Andy Nash will speak with a new guest each week in these short, direct, 10-15-minute-long episodes. The aim is to engage the uninitiated by distilling complex debates into accessible, coherent narratives that will themselves form, over time, a catalog of knowledge on a wide range of issues impacting academia and our nation. What is to politics, aims to be, in its own simple way, to education.

Inside Academia recognizes the centrality of higher education to our nation's culture and character, but it also acknowledges that the value of the college degree is becoming more and more dubious. It thus aims to cultivate national debate through these online video conversations. I'm excited for the influence this initiative can have on the academic reform movement. So welcome, Inside Academia! We're looking forward to what you'll do.

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