On Adversity Scores


The National Association of Scholars strongly opposes the College Board's proposed new "adversity scores," which are a transparent attempt to disguise race preferences in college admissions. NAS President Peter Wood has now criticized the "adversity scores" proposal at length in an article published on May 20 at Minding The Campus. President Wood's critique includes an analysis of the background of the College Board's proposal.

But college officials are increasingly in peril over their determination to discriminate in admissions in favor of blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. An Asian-American group is suing Harvard University for discrimination and is taking similar actions against the University of North Carolina and the University of Texas. Many observers anticipate that one of these cases will eventually land before the U.S. Supreme Court, which could severely limit the license of both public and private colleges to use race as a factor in admissions. The directors of admissions, the College Board, and the entirety of the diversicrat establishment in higher education is aware of this peril. The search is on for ways to maintain racial preferences that can disguise what the New York Times likes to call “race-conscious admissions.”

You can read the entire article at Minding the Campus.

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