Peter Wood Speaks on Campus Sustainability and Political Correctness

Ashley Thorne

On Wednesday night (7/13), NAS president Peter Wood and FIRE's Adam Kissel were guests on on Milt Rosenberg's Chicago-based radio program Extension 720 talking about the campus sustainability movement as the latest trend in political correctness.  

Peter and Adam spoke about the origins of the sustainability movement; its environmental, social, and economic aspects; and its influence on higher education today.  

Milt said that NAS and FIRE are "two of the most important organizations bearing on academic life in this country and I think we ought to tell the world much more about both the National Association of Scholars and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education."

Describing the mission of NAS, Peter said:

We fight illiberal ideologies wherever we find them, on the right or the left, and we are standing up for the individual scholars who find themselves at odds with the current intolerant regimes that unfortunately dominate so much of the university.

Click here to listen to the program (about 1 hour in length).

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