Podcast #18: A Sixteenth Century Mystery with Eleanor Schneider


In this episode, we chase down a Sixteenth Century mystery: What happened to all the Latin grammar books?

It turns out to be a fascinating question. Eleanor Schneider and I have a lively and rollicking conversation about the English Reformation, King Henry VIII, chantry schools, rival invective poets, and whether high school students can really handle Thucydides.

Eleanor is the 2018 NAS Fraser Barron Memorial Scholar in Renaissance and Western History. She earned her Ph.D. in history from the University of Notre Dame in 2015 and is currently a Fellow at the Liberty Fund. With the NAS Fraser Barron Memorial Scholarship, Eleanor visited three archives in England, and in this episode she tells us more about what she found there.

If you missed Eleanor’s talk at our event in February, I recommend you also go back and watch it on Facebook here (start at about 22:58). This podcast and that talk do not duplicate each other, and I think you’ll find both enjoyable, fascinating, and fun to listen to.

Peter Wood 

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