Reeves' Laws

Thomas C. Reeves

Thomas C. Reeves is the author and editor of over a dozen books, many of them biographies. A renowned historian and former board member of the National Association of Scholars, he has composed a list of thoughtful adages that could also serve as topics of debate. We present some of them here.

War is about human nature.

Political correctness is totalitarianism with a diploma.

Moral collapse produces cultural collapse.

The business of modern America is government.

In life's deepest matters, the heart commands the intellect.

A spoiled child is a handicapped child.

In most matters, personal character matters most.

The brightest are rarely the best, and vice versa.

Change and progress are not synonyms.

Democracy is not inevitable.

The liberal arts are now the leftist arts.

Human rights, however declared, are won and lost in battle.

Moderate and lukewarm are not synonyms.

Everyone is judgmental.

You read what you are.

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