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Slavery Gave Us Double-Entry Bookkeeping?

Hans Eicholz

An essay from the New York Times makes a striking choice on which facts to include and which to leave aside for the purpose of constructing a new theory of capital. Hans Eicholz rebuts Matthew Desmond by bringing back the facts. 

Positive Good Slavery Argument Makes a Comeback at The New York Times

William B. Allen

The "1619 Project" declares that the economic and social advances of the United States are owing to the development of slavery in the American South. As stated, argues W.B. Allen, The New York Times is resurrecting a "utilitarian apology for slavery as a positive good — producing the greatest good for the greatest number."

Teaching American History: The Place of Slavery

William H. Young

William Young discusses the Montpelier Foundation's ideologically skewed initiative to revise American history curricula.

Slavery Did Not Make America Rich

Deirdre Nansen McCloskey

We should stop using the history of slavery for present-day politics against capitalism.