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Curriculum Vitae: Episode #4


In this episode of Curriculum Vitae, Peter W. Wood and Johnathan Leaf discuss how art transformed from a pursuit of excellence into a political spectical. 

Defining the Fine Arts

Michelle Marder Kamhi

NAS member Michelle Marder Kamhi responds to the Fine Arts: Brief.

Jihadi Art at John Jay

Peter Wood

Peter Wood reviews an exhibit of art at John Jay College by Guantanamo prisoners.

Peter Wood Reviews "The Square"


Peter Wood reviews Ruben Östlund's new movie on modern art.

Abraham Lincoln, Matchmaker

Peter Wood

NAS President Peter Wood's review of Thomas Klingenstein's new play "If Only…A Love Story." 

And Shrive You of a Thousand Idle Books

Tom Horrell

Lionel Shriver spoke out in favor of free speech for writers—and got censored.

Comic Books in a Liberal Education

David Randall

NAS Director of Communications David Randall discusses the proper role of comic books in a liberal education.

Dear Future Arts Professor

Daniel Asia

Daniel Asia gives advice to future arts and humanities scholars.

High Art Deserves a High Place in Higher Education

Peter Wood

Will the fine arts ever feel like native inhabitants of the university, or will they always be little guests?

Ars Gratia Artis?

Marilee Turscak

Despite the fact that many art donors forbid the sale of their art, some university officials believe that flailing institutions can only stay afloat if they sell their collections.

Taking Care

Ashley Thorne

Is art worth dying for? The Monuments Men considers the value of good art and its purpose in preserving a cultural heritage.

NAS vs. Nas

Peter Wood

The National Association of Scholars (NAS) is sometimes confused with the hip hop artist and actor, Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, widely known as Nas. The mistake is understandable.  Here’s how to tell the difference.