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Episode #28: The Civility Trap with Rusty Reno

Peter Wood

What purpose does civility serve? How can it be misused? Listen in as I discuss these questions and more with Rusty Reno.

Another Incoherent Protest This Time by Law Students

Peter Wood

At Minding the Campus, NAS President Peter Wood writes about the lack of consequences that protesters face after disrupting campus speakers.

Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupt Event at UVA

Peter Wood

A panel featuring Israeli military reservists was shouted down last Thursday night at the University of Virginia.

Disrupting Campus Speakers is Not Just a Free-Speech Problem

Peter Wood

Interrupting speakers represents not just an assualt on free-speech, but a breakdown in civility. 

College Students Need Better Lessons Than 'All of Your Emotions Are Real'

Ashley Thorne

After the election, colleges turn to feelings, not civility, to guide discussions on winning and losing.

On Woodrow Wilson: Princeton Students Hold Civil Debate

Russell K. Nieli

A recent campus event was an encouraging sign that respectful dialogue is still possible among Princeton students who disagree. 

Obama Takes a Surprising Stand

Ashley Thorne

President Obama criticizes universities that "coddle" students from opposing views.

Peter Wood's Book on Anger Cited in NRO


The National Review's Jim Geraghty references NAS president Peter Wood's book in an article about the presidential campaign. 

Two Controversial Professors

Peter Wood

Peter Wood reflects on the contrasting perspectives at the AAUP and Heartland Institute conferences in Washington, DC last week.

Academic Freedom at U Chicago and Princeton

Robert P. George

NAS board of advisors member Robert P. George applauds two universities for embracing academic freedom. 

Can Civility and Academic Freedom Coexist?

Ashley Thorne

Civility calls for restraint, and academic freedom, apparently, for lack of restraint. Colleges and universities strive for academic freedom and civil discourse; can they have both at the same time?

CUNY Chancellor Defends Academic Freedom


CUNY's chancellor has made a statement defending the academic freedom of professors to teach without intimidation and harassment, after NAS wrote an open letter urging him to do so.


This Means War: Swarthmore Religion Profs Ready to Fight

Ashley Thorne

Five Swarthmore professors call for "the moral equivalent of war."

The "Unfair" Campaign is Invited to UW-Superior

George Leef

UW-Superior endorses a tendentious concept of fairness.

How to Be Sarcastic

Peter Wood

Sarcasm, for all the license it takes, is a form of restraint. Its a way of avoiding the obvious while nonetheless giving it voice.

How to Apologize

Peter Wood

Peter Wood offers advice on how to own up to our mistakes.

How to Comment

Peter Wood

Peter Wood suggests ways to improve the quality of comments posted to online articles.

FIRE Lists Rogues' Gallery of Free Speech Offenders

Glenn Ricketts

FIRE presents its list of the 12 most repressive campuses for freedom of speech.

U Florida Students Practice Civil Debate

Ashley Thorne

There's a set of electronic panels in Florida that is supposed to foster civility among students whose opinions differ.


Peter Wood

A new book by a senior professor, surprisingly, attempts to treat Sarah Palin fairly.

Wesleyan's Affirmative Action Reaction

Ashley Thorne

Faculty and students at Wesleyan University lashed out in anger against a campus group for its demonstration on the injustice of racial preferences.

Good People Can Differ

Jason Fertig

Presenting both sides of controversies begins with recognizing that an opponent is not a “bad person."

On Civility and Politics in the Classroom

Ashley Thorne

One professor reflects on what it means to teach students to have civil in-class conversations on controversial subjects. What's been your experience with classroom civility?

Steve Balch Responds to Ad Hominem Newspaper Attack

Steve Balch

NAS Chairman Steve Balch answers a sneer against NAS and its efforts to revive the study of Western civilization.

Peter Wood on Anger Today

Ashley Thorne

NAS President Peter Wood speaks on anger and civility in the public square.

Reason? Reason? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Reason! Scholarship Today

The university now produces graduates who believe reason is "only a mask of power."

Miscarriage of Academic Freedom?

Ashley Thorne

A Yale student's senior project raises questions about higher education's approach to art.