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Moving Against Racial Discrimination


A statement on the Departments of Education and Justice decision to repeal seven guidelines on racial preferences in college admissions.

The Censorship Epidemic

Chance Layton

'Dignity,' Another Legal Trojan Horse

Peter Wood

People are putting words in the mouth of the Constitution.

Civic Education Deficiencies Weaken Social Fabric

Glenn Ricketts

Christina Hoff Sommers places the immigration debate in the context of a national dearth of civic knowledge.

Ask a Scholar – U.S. v. Cruikshank

Robert Heidt

Did a Reconstruction-era Supreme Court decision restrict legal remedies for African Americans?

Ask a Scholar: Why Gridlock?

Glenn Ricketts

Is gridlock in our poitical system accidental or innate?

Don’t Know Much About History: Colleges Teach History with Politics Left Out

Jonathan Bean

Jonathan Bean responds to NAS's recent report on Two Texas Universities' U.S. History Courses. He's not optimistic about history education.

Reactions to Court Decision Overturning Michigan Affirmative Action Ban


Scholars offer preliminary thoughts on the Sixth Circuit Appeals Court ruling overturning a voter approved ban on affirmative action policies.

Democratic Engagement and Governance: Part I

William H. Young

William Young compares traditional republican governmental principles with the current democratic engagement initiatives promoted on college campuses.

What Will the Court Do About Affirmative Action?

Glenn Ricketts

John Rosenberg dissects the "diversity' policies at the University of Texas now under scrutiny by the SCOTUS.

Originalism in the Classroom

David F. Forte

David F. Forte provides a detailed legal history of originalism and investigates whether, and to what extent, originalism is a part of law school teaching on the Constitution. This article appears in the summer 2011 issue of Academic Questions, "Hard Cases: America's Law Schools" (vol. 24, no. 2).

Understanding the Constitution - No Comment

Glenn Ricketts

A college student's view of how to improve public understanding of the Electoral College

Video: Christopher Long on The Future of "Educating for Liberty"

Chris Long tells about ISI's mission to reach today's college students.

New Excellent Programs: Tocqueville Program and Center for Statesmanship

Ashley Thorne

Check out our list of excellent programs as we add new ones at Indiana and Richmond.

Tea Parties and Political Parties: Some Questions

Christina Jeffrey

Christina Jeffrey argues that neither of the main political parties foster the serious study of the Constitution and the American Founding, and that the “Tea Party” movement offers a constructive alternative.

Domestic Faction in a Republic, Part II

George Seaver

Renaissance and Enlightenment authors, as well as the U.S. founding fathers, saw the need to control factions in order to preserve the life of the republic.