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NAS Applauds the Univ. of North Florida’s Decision to Close Confucius Institute


Following questions from Senator Marco Rubio, the University of North Florida becomes the ninth US university to close a Confucius Institute.

Budget Cuts Loom for "Frivolous" Language Programs

Ashley Thorne

Will reduced federal funding for Title VI foreign language study hurt national competence or help cut academic waste?

Ask a Scholar: What Does YHWH Elohim Mean?

Mark D. Futato

A reader asks, "If Elohim refers to multiple 'gods,' then Yhwh Elohim really means Lord of Gods...the one of many, right?" A Hebrew expert answers.

Tuesday Tuba

Ashley Thorne

Mac Mods in the Chronicle, the TESOL seesaw, and the climate action promise.

Quorsum Haec?

Glenn Ricketts

The College Board strives for a Latinless America.