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Prager U: What Every Graduate Should Know

Jason Fertig

Dennis Prager offers five key ideas that every college graduate should understand.

Indiana Teachers Union Opposing Sensible Reform

Jason Fertig

The Indiana State Teachers Association is opposing a proposal to grant teaching licenses to college graduates with good grades and work experience.

One New College That's Praiseworthy

George Leef

UMR is a no-nonsense institution where the students want to learn and the professors want to teach them.

Liberal Education Needs More Disruptive Technology

Jason Fertig

Why can’t we decouple liberal learning from college degrees?

A Professor Who Encourages His Students to Meet the Challenge

George Leef

Last Friday, the Pope Center published this letter from biology professor Steven Aird to his students, encouraging them to meet the challenge of his course and not expect a passing grade just for showing up. None of the infamous "faculty/student non-aggression pact" for him.

"If You Can Find a Better Core Curriculum, Buy It!"

George Leef

This week’s Pope Center Clarion Call is by Ed Jones of Belmont Abbey College and it’s about his school’s new (but really old) core curriculum. It stresses the importance of fundamental learning for all students and compared with most other core or general education requirements I’ve seen at other schools, Belmont Abbey’s is hard to beat. But in addition, the faculty at the school work closely with their students; that often isn't the case at bigger, more “prestigious” colleges and universities. With its strong religious orientation, obviously Belmont Abbey is not ideal for everyone, but I think that it shows what other small, private colleges will need to do if they’re going to survive–ensure that students receive an education, not just a credential.

Western Governors University Moves Online Education Forward

George Leef

Duke Cheston writes that Western Governors University has found solutions to some of the problems that have plagued online higher ed. 

Video: Mark Bauerlein on American History by Google and Wikipedia

Is internet searching conducive to real education?

The Real Purpose of Education

David Clemens

Good teaching should result “in a lighting of those lamps in the mind and in the heart that shall eventually show the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

Metamorphosis, or Why We Should Study the West

Steve Balch

NAS board chairman Steve Balch argues that generations detached from their culture's legacy will be less likely to defend it now, or in the future.

Video: Christian Brady on Penn State's Honors College and New Media

Christian Brady, dean of the honors college at Penn State, interviewed with Inside Academia this week on his leadership role, the difference between an honors college course and a regular course, and the usefulness of new media in higher education.

An Engaging Course in Political Economy

George Leef

In today's Pope Center piece, Kurt Rothhoff of Seton Hall writes about an engaging course he has developed -- a lunchtime discussion class covering issues where economics and liberty overlap. 

Series Answers "How Should Ethics Be Taught in College Today?"

Ashley Thorne

Over at NAS.org is a new series of essays by three professors on how to teach ethics in college today.

Teaching Ethics: A View from the Trenches

Nathan Tierney

Nathan Tierney offers principles and practical advice, including arguments against ethical relativism, for teaching ethics in a college classroom today.

Shut Up and Listen, Together

Keith Whitaker

A night at the symphony prompts Keith Whitaker to consider the value of the disciplined attention and shared experience that should characterize the college classroom.

Good Practice: An NAS Series (2)

Peter Wood

What is the best way to teach a course? To organize a curriculum? To administer a college? To serve as a trustee? We want to hear from you.