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Peter Wood Discusses Threats to Academic Freedom on Fox and Friends


NAS President Peter Wood appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss our report, Charting Academic Freedom, as well as the biggest threats to academic freedom.

Peter Wood appears on NPR's To the Point


Dr. Wood discusses the revised APUSH standards with a panel on To the Point, hosted by Warren Olney.

Peter Wood Discusses APUSH with Lars Larson


A radio interview with Lars Larson.

Race, Class and Gender, Q&A with Peter Wood

The Daily Texan Editorial Board

The Daily Texan interviews Peter Wood on NAS's recent report, "Recasting History."

Evan Maloney: How Colleges Try to Indoctrinate U

Andy Nash

The maker of the documentary Indoctrinate U offers a window into the double standards of the politically correct campus.

Video: Naomi Schaefer Riley on Colleges in the Prestige (Not Teaching) Business

Tenure and a heavy emphasis on research over teaching are among the factors that dilute contemporary higher education, says Naomi Schaefer Riley.

Video: Accuracy in Academia

Andy Nash interviews Malcolm Kline of Accuracy in Academia.

Video: John Zmirak on How to Choose a College

What makes a college overpriced? How do you identify

Video: J. Budziszewski on a Primer on Natural Law

Professor J. Budziszewski discusses classical Natural Law with Inside Academia's Andy Nash.

Video: Mark Bauerlein on American History by Google and Wikipedia

Is internet searching conducive to real education?

Video: R.V. Young on Sex and Freshman Composition (or: Why You Can't Think)

Andy Nash

A discussion of how English literature was taught in the past, with more effective results.

Video: George H. Nash on America's Founding Generation

Is classical higher ed possible today?

Video: The First Six Months Behind the Ivory Curtain

Andy Nash

Inside Academia's Andy Nash offers some video highlights from his first half year of interviews.

"Glorious Liberty": How to Discuss Race without Tears

Jonathan Bean

NAS Illinois affiliate president Jonathan Bean discusses classical liberalism and race relations with interviewer La Tasha R. Jones.

Video: Robert Weissberg on Affirmative Action in the Academy

Political scientist Bob Weissberg reflects on campus affirmative action policies.

Video: Paul Gottfried: "Multiculturalism is the Religion of Universities"

A professor who satirized campus political correctness speaks out about the problems caused by the multicultural agenda.

Video: Christopher Long on The Future of "Educating for Liberty"

Chris Long tells about ISI's mission to reach today's college students.

How Campus Ethnic Groups Drive Political Conformity: An Interview with Brittney Morrett

Ashley Thorne

A recent college graduate reflects on a Latino fraternity's decision to officially denounce laws restricting illegal immigration.

Video: Jane Shaw on Great Books

"There are so many faculty members who have rejected all these great writings of the past."

Video: Ben Novak on the Impotency of Student Government

How university student governments went from taking responsibility for and pride in the "spirit of the university" to an attitude of entitlement and parasitism.

Video: Tom Bethell on Scientific Orthodoxy

"Grant-seeking is enforcing a tremendous orthodoxy within the academic world in science, which is precisely where orthodoxy should not be maintained."

Video: George Leef on Higher Education - Oversold and Underperforming

George Leef warns that Americans will soon realize they are paying too much for too little education at our colleges and universities.

Video: Ashley Thorne on Sustainability as Staff and Rod for the New Elite

Sustainability, as the latest politically correct campus ideology, aims to fix attitudes rather than promote disciplined study.

"Science Isn't Partisan": An Interview with Richard Muller

Ashley Thorne

Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller, who is leading a new independent study of global warming, shares his views on science, carbon footprints, and global warming policy.

Video: Christian Brady on Penn State's Honors College and New Media

Christian Brady, dean of the honors college at Penn State, interviewed with Inside Academia this week on his leadership role, the difference between an honors college course and a regular course, and the usefulness of new media in higher education.

Video: Richard Vedder on the "Nearly-Everyone-Should-Go-to-College" Idea

Richard Vedder, president of the CCAP, interviewed with Inside Academia this week on the economics of college education and on why tuition costs have gotten to be so high.

Video: Robert Weissberg on Limits to Learning

Robert Weissberg talks about the factors, such as cognitive inability and American schools' emphasis on edutainment, that limit students' capacity to learn.

Video: A Conversation with Peter Wood

If you missed NAS president Peter Wood's recent discussion in New York of anger in America today, you can watch the video here.

Jason Fertig Appears on Inside Academia TV

In an interview with Inside Academia this week, Jason Fertig speaks about credential inflation and the need for higher education reform.

Peter Wood Appears on Inside Academia TV

This week Peter was a guest in a video interview with Inside Academia in which he spoke about the convergence of campus politicization and the push to put more students through college.

Introducing Inside Academia: The Bloggingheads of Education

Ashley Thorne

Blogger is thrilled about the launch of Inside Academia.

The Father of Global Warming Skepticism: An Interview with S Fred Singer

Ashley Thorne

The atmospheric physicist and leading scientific skeptic of anthropocentric global warming speaks out about his role in the climate change debate.

Professor Richard Ebeling on the Austrian Economic Tradition

George Leef

Here is an enlightening interview done by an Argentine economist with Professor Richard Ebeling about the Austrian approach:  Mises, Hayek, and others.

The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov

Jamie Glazov

FrontPage Magazine interviews NAS board member and history professor Jay Bergman on his new book, Meeting the Demands of Reason.

Chivalry Lives: An Interview with Blayne Bennett

Ashley Thorne

Gentlemanliness is not dead; it's just dormant, says the Network of enlightened Women.

The Philomath Speaks: An Interview with Anu Garg

Peter Wood

"Words are like air — they are all around us even though we can't see them, and they are just as essential," says Anu Garg, creator of Wordsmith.org.

An Interview with Holly Swanson

Ashley Thorne

An Oregon-based organization called Operation Green Out! works “to get green politics out in the open and out of the classroom.”

An Interview with David Silverstein

Ashley Thorne

The Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa brings integrity to the disciplines.

The Case Against College Entitlements...No Comment

Ashley Thorne

More public funding for higher education?

Comment on NPR's Broadcast, "The Cost of Being Green"

Peter Wood

Peter Wood submitted an abbreviated version of this note to NPR here.

Great Books in the News

Ashley Thorne

An interview with Bruce Gans

Lazere v. Gelernter

Peter Wood

On the Sometimes Difficult Task of Setting the Record Straight or Getting Heard Above the Din Especially if Your Points Are Prolix

A Critic in Full: A Conversation with Tom Wolfe

Carol Iannone

This article, an interview with Tom Wolfe, appeared in Academic Questions (vol. 21, no. 2).

Requiescat In Pace

Peter Wood

Remembrance of William F. Buckley, Jr.