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Higher Education's Deeper Sickness

John M. Ellis

John Ellis argues for measures that would increase intellectual diversity and reduce politicization in colleges. 

Take a Knee to PC

David Randall

Take a knee for political correctness, not our national anthem. 

Why I'm Leaving the Political Science Association

Bruce Gilley

Professor Bruce Gilley discusses the lack of intellectual diversity in the American Political Science Association. 

Member Profile: Steven Frankel

Steven Frankel

NAS Member Steven Frankel reflects on the current, perilous state of the humanities in higher education as well as the value of the great books.

Toward an American Liberal Education

John Agresto

In the Summer 2017 Academic Questions (vol. 30, no. 2), John Agresto argues the usefulness and value of a liberal education in twenty-first century America.

Let Us Not to the Teaching of Young Minds Admit Impediment

David Randall

Scott Newstok advises students at Rhodes College to think like Shakespeare.

Non-Trump University

Chance Layton

NAS President Peter Wood writes about the "bait-and-switch" of American higher education.

Comic Books in a Liberal Education

David Randall

NAS Director of Communications David Randall discusses the proper role of comic books in a liberal education.

The Path to Education

Eva Marie Haine

Eva Marie Haine reflects on her education as a Princeton undergraduate and suggests ways that it could have been improved.

Thoughts on "The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom"

Francis B. Randall

Professor Francis B. Randall comments upon NAS President Peter Wood's "The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom."

Dialogue on "Architecture": John K. Wilson and David Randall


John K. Wilson and David Randall discuss NAS President Peter Wood's "The Architecture of Academic Freedom"

The Architecture of Intellectual Freedom

Peter Wood

A statement on the place and importance of intellectual freedom.

Wherein I Spar With an NAS opponent

George Leef

In his newest book, Michael Roth makes a case for the benefits of a liberal education. 

The Elephant and the Harvard Question

David Randall

Harvard students are willing to tolerate conservatives--but only on terms that cripple their own education.

Book Review: Will and Ariel Durant, The Lessons of History

Edward R. Dougherty

The Lessons of History offers a "stimulus to seriousness" in the study of history. 

Avoiding Scholarship's Dead Ends

Bradford Tuckfield

Statistical analysis and adherence to tradition can help determine which academic programs have lasting value. 

Peter Wood on Bias in American Universities

Peter Wood

The College Fix posted an article, drawing heavily on an interview with Peter Wood.

Saving Civilization, K-5 Edition: An Address at Great Hearts Academy

Peter Wood

Peter Wood addresses elementary school teachers on the grammar school as the "engine of civilization" at Great Hearts Academy in Phoeniz, Arizona.

Seasoned Debate: Should Education Have a Leftist Bias?

George Leef

Donald Lazere responds to George Leef's review of Why Education Should Have a Leftist Bias.

Education by Metaphor

Tessa Carter

Professor Robert Frost on poetry and education.

Too Cool for School

Rachelle Peterson

Unschooling is popular, but should it be?

Peter Wood in Society Magazine

Ashley Thorne

NAS president Peter Wood's article, “The Sixties Came Late to Bowdoin,” appears in the current issue of the scholarly journal Society.

Mansfield Cites Bowdoin Report

Tessa Carter

Harvey Mansfield analyzes the implications of What Does Bowdoin Teach? in his article “The Higher Education Scandal.”

David Clemens reports on ACTC and MLA meetings

George Leef

Radio Interview with Peter Wood on Bowdoin

Ashley Thorne

NAS president Peter Wood discusses NAS's findings on Bowdoin College.

Gen. Ed.: Light, Getting Lighter

Glenn Ricketts

Why most undergraduates don't learn much of anything in their required liberal arts courses.

Capitalism and Western Civilization: Liberal Education

William H. Young

William Young discusses the need for liberal educatrion for today's workforce.

Another Good Program: History at Holy Cross College, Indiana

Glenn Ricketts

We add another academically solid program to our list.

Humanities, Anyone?

Jascha Kessler

Jascha Kessler explains why teaching the humanities just isn't what it use to be.

Since When is "Liberal" a Code Word for the Right Wing?

Ashley Thorne

The Wall Street Journal picks up the Shimer College story, in which faculty complain that "liberty" and "liberal" are "code words for the right wing."

Yuri Glazov and the Fight for Liberty

Ashley Thorne

A professor who challenged the cruel oppression of the Soviet Union serves as an example for us today.

Shimer College Adopts Liberty-Centered Mission Rejected by Faculty

Ashley Thorne

Tom Lindsay, president of the Great Books college, has made himself highly unpopular by insisting on a return to the ideals of Western civilization. Faculty members unanimously opposed a new mission statement which emphasizes, "Liberal education at Shimer is an education for and through liberty."

Four Rented Rooms and a Big Idea: Shimer College at the Crossroads

Peter Wood

A tiny Great Books college in Chicago encounters a clash of ideas.

Higher Education and Economic Growth

Tom Wood

Tom Wood makes the case that higher education is worth public support.

Where Do We Start? Reforming American Education

Peter Wood

10 principles for restoring the integrity of our education.

Globalizing Higher Education in the Liberal Arts

Tom Wood

Liberal arts education has been under attack recently in the U.S. as meaningless and irrelevant, but it is gaining a foothold in other countries.

Educating the Rich and Powerful: The College Backgrounds of America's Richest and Its Top CEOs

Tom Wood

How higher education has influenced the business world

Election Eve

Peter Wood

When tempted to fret over the election, read world history...

NAS Cheers "Enduring Questions"

Ashley Thorne

NAS hails with appreciation the announcement of the National Endowment for the Humanities' new "Enduring Questions" program.

Night Makes Right: Stanley Fish's Candelabra of Truth

Peter Wood

In his new book, Save the World on Your Own Time, Stanley Fish writes, "If you

Are Students Customers? Yes

Ed Cutting

One of our members, Ed Cutting, argues that students should be treated with a customer service model based on the free market. After all, higher education can't get much worse, can it?

Jailhouse Ed

Peter Wood

If prisoners can earn college degrees while incarcerated, can the Liberal Arts liberate?