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Faculty are Increasingly Skeptical about MOOCs

Rachelle Peterson

Faculty are becoming more hopeful about technology's ability to convey information, but are increasingly skeptical about its worth in transmitting more than just facts.

NAS Member Barbara Oakley Teaches Popular MOOC


NAS member Barbara Oakley is teaching the largest course on learning ever taught. 

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the MOOC

David Clemens

The MOOC provides a platform for education about Western Civilization.

What I Learned in Sustainability School

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle DeJong recounts her final thoughts on an eight-week MOOC on Sustainability.

Fast-Track Higher Ed?

Rachelle Peterson

Despite technological advances that have made most other industries more efficient, "path dependency" has kept higher education stuck in the past. Can MOOCs be the solution?

The MOOC Chronicles Part 4: Community

Rachelle Peterson

The closing lecture of an "Introduction to Sustainability" MOOC reveals the limited reciprocity between teachers and students in online learning environments.

The MOOC Chronicles Part 3: Dialogue

Rachelle Peterson

Can the laissez-faire policies of MOOC courses allow students to build community?

Educators vs. Employers

Marilee Turscak

A new Gallup survey shows a wide gap between the perspectives of business leaders and higher-education leaders on how prepared today's college graduates are for the work force.

The Sustainability of MOOCs

Rachelle Peterson

Can a classroom provide a healthy learning environment for masses of students? 

Have MOOCs Replaced the Classroom?

Rachelle Peterson

Now, Massive Open Online Courses serve as a supplement to classroom learning, and it seems that colleges are more eager to produce them than to use them. But what happens when colleges embrace the MOOC?

The Future of MOOCs

Rachelle Peterson

Now that MOOCs' disappointing early performance has dampened prophecies of higher ed's collapse, competiting narratives envision different niche markets for MOOCs to serve. 

The MOOC Demographic

Rachelle Peterson

MOOC students are often college degreed professionals, not the underprivileged assemblage that MOOCs intended to reach.  

MOOC Course Correction

Rachelle Peterson

Sebastian Thrun, the founder of Udacity, thinks MOOCs have failed to reach their target audience and need to switch their focus to teaching technical skills. 

Why Do Students Drop Out of MOOCs?

Rachelle Peterson

Ninety percent or more of MOOC registrants will fail to complete their courses, often because of the impersonal, sterile atmosphere. 

MOOC Waves: The Unexpected Resistance to MOOCs

Rachelle Peterson

The MOOC tsunami may prove to be more of a tributary.

American Higher Education: Is It in Crisis?

Richard Vedder

Vedder foresees big changes coming in American higher education.


Ashley Thorne

Should education be free?