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Toolkit: Making Science Reproducible


A citizen's guide to the science education, funding, and reform. 

The Irreproducibility Crisis Claims Another Victim

Chance Layton

David Randall writes on the firing of Cornell scientist Brian Wansink and the ongoing problem of irreproducibility. 

A Serious Blow to Academic Freedom--No Outcry, Though

Peter Wood

The latest in the attacks on Mark Regnerus is a court decision that utterly undermines scholarly peer review.

On the Integrity of Social Science

Ashley Thorne

Psychology professor Richard Redding reflects on the firestorm surrounding Mark Regnerus's recent study on children of gay parents. Dr. Redding concludes that social science has been politicized to the extent that perspectives take precedence over methodological validity.

The Campaign to Discredit Regnerus and the Assault on Peer Review

Peter Wood

The Mark Regnerus case is a stellar illustration of the "political vortex that surrounds academic peer review."

Inviting Intellectual Vice In

Ashley Thorne

Our universities should be cultivating intellectual virtue, writes Peter Berkowitz, but instead they are making intellectual corruption easy.