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NAS Statement on The Philanthropy Roundtable's Civic Education Program


A new program to bolster civic literacy. 

A Legacy Gifted


The National Association of Scholars honors Professor Samuel Bluefarb, a long-time and stalwart supporter of the NAS.

A Resource for Donors Seeking Best Ways to Give

Martin Morse Wooster

Martin Wooster recommends NAS to donors as an organization that promotes intellectual diversity on college campuses.

Donor Intent Wins at Trinity College

George Leef

A battle over a philanthropic endowment at Trinity College ends as a victory for donor intent.

Ars Gratia Artis?

Marilee Turscak

Despite the fact that many art donors forbid the sale of their art, some university officials believe that flailing institutions can only stay afloat if they sell their collections.

The Very Rich Hours

Peter Wood

Peter Wood searches for the uncommon good in fundraising for nonprofits.

Can Classical-Liberal Philanthropy Improve Higher Ed?

George Leef

That is the question that Lenore Ealy addresses in today’s Pope Center Clarion Call. She looks quite a way back into the 20th century to see how the classical-liberal philanthropists of the post-war years went about trying to preserve the remnant of classical-liberal scholarship in an era when the great trend among intellectuals and society generally was toward statism. 

You Don't Have to Write That Check!

George Leef

Duke University has recently received some large gifts, but in today's Pope Center Clarion Call, alum Al Oettinger explains why he has stopped giving the school money.

The Perils of College Philanthropy

George Leef

In this week’s Pope Center Clarion Call I discuss the Center’s latest paper, “Games Universities Play” by Martin Morse Wooster. 

Who Owns Philanthropy?

Peter Wood

Peter Wood responds to the Greenlining Institute on the threats to voluntary philanthropic giving.

Generosity, Trussed

Peter Wood

Peter Wood warns about the damage that “greenlining” activists can do to American philanthropy.