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How Nine Universities Pander to Campus Radicals

Peter Wood

Peter gives the best examples of where and how university administrations are rolling over to campus radicals. 

Securing Free Speech and Free Inquiry on Campus

Vincent Phillip Muñoz

Lessons from Charles Murray’s Visit to Notre Dame.

Letter to Syracuse University Chancellor on Ambassador Dayan Event

Peter Wood

Syracuse University must publicly disavow the disruption of Israeli Ambassador Dayan's talk and take disciplinary action against the student disruptors.

Why a Penn Professor Was Vilified for Telling the Truth About Race

Peter Wood

These days, saying uncomfortable truths aloud can get you banned from teaching First Year law students.

Another Incoherent Protest This Time by Law Students

Peter Wood

At Minding the Campus, NAS President Peter Wood writes about the lack of consequences that protesters face after disrupting campus speakers.

The Real Fallout From High School Walkouts

Peter Wood

Writing at Minding the Campus, NAS President Peter Wood discusses how student walkouts subordinate education to the quest for power.

Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupt Event at UVA

Peter Wood

A panel featuring Israeli military reservists was shouted down last Thursday night at the University of Virginia.

Peter Wood Discusses Threats to Academic Freedom on Fox and Friends


NAS President Peter Wood appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss our report, Charting Academic Freedom, as well as the biggest threats to academic freedom.

Higher Education's Deeper Sickness

John M. Ellis

John Ellis argues for measures that would increase intellectual diversity and reduce politicization in colleges. 

Take a Knee to PC

David Randall

Take a knee for political correctness, not our national anthem. 

Peter Wood Speaks at Heritage Foundation Event on the Modern University


NAS president Peter Wood spoke on a panel at a Heritage Foundation event titled "Who Rules the Universities?"

The Censorship Epidemic

Chance Layton

Fifth Avenue

Peter Wood

Peter Wood reflects on monuments to the American Dream and the politics of grievance on display on college campuses.

Roses and Thorns: NAS's Top 10 List for 2015

Ashley Thorne

The National Association of Scholars remembers who stood out this year in higher education. 

American Association of University Professors Abandons Educators Under Siege

Peter Wood

NAS President Peter Wood writes about how defenders of academic freedom leave campus lynch mob victims to fend for themselves.

An Open Letter to Swarthmore's Board of Managers

Peter Berkowitz

NAS board member Peter Berkowitz reflects on Swarthmore President Rebecca Chopp's departure from Swarthmore.

Re: Petraeus – An Open Letter to CUNY Chancellor William Kelly

Peter Wood

The university must actively stand against threats to academic freedom.

Oberlin College Battles Phony Hate Crimes

Glenn Ricketts

Oberlin College adds to the long tally of bogus hate crimes – with pride and gusto.

Student Activists and College Administrators: Now as Then

Glenn Ricketts

Recent campus activism has some long roots.

This Means War: Swarthmore Religion Profs Ready to Fight

Ashley Thorne

Five Swarthmore professors call for "the moral equivalent of war."

Swarthmore Lets an Angry Mob Take Over

Peter Wood

Peter Wood comments on the most recent display of the sustainability movement's "new anger" at Swarthmore College.

Occupy UC-Davis, What a Gas

Scott Herring

Scott Herring offers a few firsthand observations about the now infamous pepper spray incident and its lingering effects on the UC Davis campus.

When Adolescent Culture Goes to College

Jonathan Imber

Sociologist Jonathan Imber analyzes the common threads running through recent student protest behavior.

Peter Wood at the University of Alaska Anchorage: "Pre-Occupied: Higher Education, Anger and the Wall Street Protests"

Kate Hamilton

NAS president Peter Wood will address the Occupy Wall Street movement and "New Anger" as part of the Polaris Lecture Series.

Did College Create Occupy Wall Street?

Jason Fertig

The actions of the Occupy Wall Street protesters do not help refute the notion that Millennials are the Peter Pan Generation.

Prof. Art Carden on the OWS Protesters

George Leef

Writing on this Christian Science Monitor blog, Rhodes College economics professor Art Carden argues that while the protesters made some valid points (unwittingly, I'd say), they are on very thin ice when complaining about their college loans.

An Eyewitness Recalls the UW Madison 'Mob' Incident

Ashley Thorne

What really happened during the student protest against the findings of the Center for Equal Opportunity? W. Lee Hansen, professor emeritus of economics at UW-Madison, documents what he observed.

Unanswered Questions: UW-Madison Students Protest CEO Report on Racial and Ethnic Preferences in Admissions

Roger Clegg

What really happened during the student protest against the findings of the Center for Equal Opportunity? NAS member W. Lee Hansen, Professor Emeritus of Economics at UW-Madison, documents what he observed on September 13 and offers a new assessment of the controversy.

Evidence of Racial Preferences at UW-Madison?

Kate Hamilton

W. Lee Hansen, a member of NAS and Professor Emeritus of Economics at UW-Madison, provides evidence that the preferential admissions process at UW discriminates based on race and ethnicity. 

Let's All Go to College? Not So Fast

Glenn Ricketts

Retired Rutgers University sociologist, Jackson Toby, examines what role a large cohort of disappointed, unemployed college graduates may have played in driving the recent upheavals in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria. 

Mobbing For Preferences

Peter Wood

Peter Wood discusses students' live-action defense of racial preferences at UW Madison.

Diversity or Bust at UW

Glenn Ricketts

Peter Wood takes an extended look at last week's not-so-spontaneous "diversity" demonstration at UW/Madison, which disrupted a press conference and was apparently given a very encouraging push by a senior UW administrator. 

More on UW "Diversity" Protests

Glenn Ricketts

Minding the Campus today features CEO president Roger Clegg's eyewitness account of the recent "diversity" protests by students at the University of Wisconsin, along with this commentary by KC Johnson. As you can see, it takes much stronger stuff than anything the protestors could muster to daunt Roger Clegg.

How UW Students React to News They Don't Like

George Leef

The Center for Equal Opportunity released a study on discrimination in admissions at the University of Wisconsin. During its press conference, however, a mob of students rushed in and shouted the event down. 

Protest Envy

Peter Wood

Peter Wood explains why a planned day of protest by academic unions faltered.

Conflict at Brooklyn College: Horowitz Talk on Video

Mitchell Langbert

Video of David Horowitz's presentation at Brooklyn College is here. Horowitz writes an extensive article about his talk at Brooklyn College on Frontpagemag, which appeared Friday. I attempted to serve as a moderator but was only moderately successful. The Brooklyn College Palestinian club's protests were aggressive. 

Bloggers Pick Up Peter Wood's Piven-Beck Article

Ashley Thorne

Peter Wood's Chronicle article on the Piven-Beck controversy has been getting a lot of attention from five noteworthy online forums. 

Student Riots in Britain

Peter Wood

Peter Wood reviews the student protests over tuition hikes in Britain and the emergence of a 15-year-old as the YouTube star of the protest movement.

Come to the 'Marxism in America' Conference in D.C. Tomorrow

Mary Grabar

While Bill Ayers’ colleagues may be fussing about the denial of his emeritus status, America’s Survival will be sponsoring a conference that will include former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl about a case involving Ayers and the bomb-killing of San Francisco policeman Brian V. McDonnell in 1970.  If you are in Washington, D.C., this Thursday, October 21, please come to the Marxism in America conference at the National Press Club to hear Grathwohl and others. The 1970 case is still open. Grathwohl has testified under oath that Bill Ayers had told him that his wife Bernardine Dohrn had planted the bomb that killed McDonnell.  Grathwohl will speak about the need to re-establish a Congressional committee on internal security.  Excerpts from video interviews with him and Former FBI agent Max Noel, member of the Weatherman Task Force, will be premiered. Grove City College Political Science Professor Paul Kengor will discuss his just-released book, Dupes, a detailed and fascinating look at the communist manipulation of progressives.  His talk will focus on Barack Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. America’s Survival President Cliff Kincaid will speak about “Why People Believe the Dangerous

Lies of Marxism,” and Trevor Loudon, who broke the Frank Marshall Davis and Van Jones stories, will speak on the “perils which lie ahead for the U.S. and the Western world. Robert Knight, author of Radical Rulers, will speak on Department of Education official Kevin Jennings.  And I will be presenting my report on Howard Zinn’s “bad history” and his influence in the schools. This conference will present an opportunity to hear from the men who did the dangerous work with Bill Ayers and others who are investigating the still-present threat of communist ideology. Details: Thursday, October 21 National Press Club, First Amendment Lounge 529 14th St. NW, Washington, CD 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  No charge.  Lunch and refreshments provided. Website: http://www.usasurvival.org/ck09.18.10.html

The Next Michael Moore?

George Leef

The Chronicle Review has a scurrilous piece by one Charles Ferguson, who is a documentary film director. His targets are 1) Larry Summers; 2) academic economists generally; and 3) anything that suggests the virtue of laissez-faire economic thinking. Ferguson would have you believe that large numbers of academic economists are cashing in on ties to businesses, ties that are enhanced by their advocacy of "deregulation." He claims that laissez-faire demonically took hold of American economic policy back in the 1980s, and blames people like Summers for allowing the recent economic debacle because of their self-interest in unfettered capitalism. I am no fan of Larry Summers, but it's a hatchet job to suggest that he made policy decisions while serving in government because he calculated that they would put money in his pockets. It's also wildly mistaken to say that Summers or any of the other economists Ferguson attacks are laissez-faire advocates. (That's on a par with saying that Herbert Hoover was a laissez-faire advocate.) They have advocated minor deregulation in some aspects, but that is light years from a return to laissez-faire such as Murray Rothbard advocated. Moreover, Ferguson focuses on a few tiny bits of deregulation while overlooking the elephant in the room: federal policies that vigorously promoted foolish lending. Most politicians wanted to push housing and crushed those who spoke up, such as officials at the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight who were threatened with budget cuts if they persisted in questioning the policies of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. No amount of government regulation was going to stop the housing expansion as long as it was paying political benefits. Ferguson dislikes the fact that some professors (very few, but indeed some) make money by selling their expertise, but the irony is that the very laissez-faire he portrays as the villain is the antidote to that. In an economy where the government has no power to dispense favors to interest groups, there would be little or no money to be made in writing briefs and peddling influence.

Campus Protest: "The Whole Capitalist System Has to Go"

Ashley Thorne

I stumbled upon this picture in Flickr today: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rmontgom/4408200024/ This is an unidentified image from the March 4 protests, a nationwide exercise in angry socialist agitprop masquerading as rallies against tuition hikes. Jay Schalin uncovered the radical roots of the protests in "The New Campus Radicals." The photo linked here, however, is worth a thousand words. The banner pictured reads, "The Whole Capitalist System has to Go! We Need Revolution + COMMUNISM!"

Back to the Future: The New Campus Radicals

Jay Schalin

Fighting tuition increases is the innocent face of radical activism on campus. Recent protests led by college students have been rallies to transform civil society according to redistributive principles.

California High School Compelled Students to Protest

Ashley Thorne

At Oceana High, all students were to join in the March 4 activism, to the loss of an entire day of education.

March Forth

Peter Wood

Today thousands of students at universities around the country and especially on California campuses are rallying to protest tuition hikes in public higher education. College costs have indeed become exorbitant, but is this the right way to confront the excess?

Those Were the Days

Glenn Ricketts

Springtime, 1968: the Great Divide in American higher education.

Iranian Students: Beaten, Bloody, But Unbowed

Candace de Russy

AOL provides vivid and heartrending coverage of this week's vicious government suppression of the protest of tens of thousands of courageous students. We can but applaud and echo the following sentiments of a leading Iranian opposition leader -- even though the students by far outshine him in bravery :

The most senior opposition supporter in the clerical leadership made a rare public show of backing for the students in comments over the weekend. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president who usually works behind the scenes, warned that “suppression is not the way to run a country.” “Most students are protesting the existing situation,” he said. “My heart breaks when I see that students are suppressed.”

California Tuition Turmoil

Peter Wood

Protesters at the University of California have some demands that reflect ignorance of basic economics.

Arizona Scholars Host Ward Connerly; "Alianza" Prepares Protest

Daniel Asia

So,  for the first event of the Arizona Association of Scholars, Ward Connerly will be our guest.  Being a strong believer in open dialogue I forwarded a press release to many student organizations on campus. Here is one response:

To: Daniel, Arturo, Andrea, Lorenzo, Socorro, and David I didn't want to explain all of this to the greater email list, but I'm just sending this to a few leaders on campus: Ward Connerly (for those who may not be familiar) was a key opponent of Affirmative Action when the University of Michigan defended its admissions process to the Supreme Court in the late 1990s.  As chair of Alianza (Latino student organization) at the University of Michigan during the Affirmative  Action cases, I can attest that, frankly, his advocacy can do more potential damage for student of color resources on campus than the cultural center restructuring plans.  So, I urge you to research Connerly's track record, attend the talk, and let your voices be heard. If you think it would help, I'd be glad to address your organizations, just let me know. Thanks, Maurice

Jeepers, so much for free inquiry and open dialogue, which now seems to be a dangerous commodity.

Not a Minute to Spare for the Minuteman

Ashley Thorne

Jim Gilchrist, president of the Minuteman Project, an anti-illegal immigration organization, has been dis-invited from speaking at Harvard in an immigration symposium. The decision not to have him speak, announced with only five days notice after five months of planning for his appearance on campus, was made in reaction to radical students' threats of disruptive protest. Here is the Minutman press release on the rescinded invitation. The same Jim Gilchrist was hustled off the stage in the middle of his 2006 speech at Columbia University, as protesters stormed the platform. Well, Harvard, so much for freedom of speech and the pursuit of veritas.

Columbus Day Canceled at Brown


Brown has decided not to observe Columbus Day, to protest his treatment of Native Americans. A group of students is planning a counterprotest next Monday. For more information, click here, here, and here.

New Fear at the New School

Ashley Thorne

A letter from President Bob Kerrey to the New School community evades the real problems behind the student protests.