Take a Stand Against the Campus Sustainability Movement

Ashley Thorne

We welcome new readers who learned about NAS from a recent Fox News special report on the rise of the sustainability movement. Here are some ways you can get involved:

1.  Join the National Association of Scholars.

Becoming a member of the NAS is a way to take a stand in defending the true purposes of higher education and to unite with thousands of like-minded others. Membership is open to all and includes a subscription to our journal Academic Questions.

Membership in the NAS offers resources for challenging political correctness; a network of people who share a commitment to academic freedom and excellence; and the opportunity to influence aspects of contemporary higher education.


2. Learn about the rise of the sustainability movement in American colleges and universities.

Read our top articles, including “Sustainabullies” and “Tray Chic.”  

3. Tell a friend.

Help get the word out about the truth behind the sustainability agenda. Email a friend a link to the Fox News report and to the articles on sustainability.

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