The Ubiquitous Term: Social Justice

Crystal Plum

Social justice is the phrase buzzing around campuses across America. As the topic increases in popularity, it seems to echo as a resounding mantra throughout university halls. This week Robert Engler of the Canada Free Press expressed his grievances with this article.

He quotes both Peter Wood and Ashley Thorne of NAS. They say the term social justice is “a roomy term that encompasses a large set of political mantras about racism, sexism, and the rest.” Whatever social justice once meant, the term now, as Engler states, is linked to socialist ideals at worst and some kind of do-gooder, redistribution indoctrination at best. While the push for social justice has unclear goals and outcomes, it presents itself most often as an ideology.

Although the ideology of equality sounds nice, in practice, “social justice” advocacy in the classroom gives students direction for belief but little scientific, fact-based information. The world envisioned by university advocates for social justice looks more like one in which “men…have lost their individuality” and “equality…means ‘sameness’ rather than ‘oneness’.”

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