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Graduate Students: Don’t Wait for Tenure to Enjoy Your Life

Mark Regnerus

Don’t delay your life. Don’t wait until you get a job, then tenure, to do the normal things that make life sweet, like marrying and having children. Professors who build their career around their own ego and cutthroat ambition tend to shrivel into something you don’t want to be.

The College Board is Abandoning 'Adversity Scores'—But Not Completely


The College Board backtracks but continues to push a new adversity score regime. David Randall gets the scoop in RealClearEducation.

The Education of Clarence Thomas

Peter Wood

A review of Myron Magnet's biography of Justice Clarence Thomas.

Introducing Stanley Young, Director of the Shifting Sands Project

Peter Wood

NAS is proud to introduce our lead researcher on an exciting new project to discover how the irreproducibility crisis affects public policy.

Top 2020 Democrats on Higher Education

Rachelle Peterson

The top Democratic presidential candidates' positions on higher education reveal they fail to grasp the fundamental questions of what college is for and why intellectual freedom matters.