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NAS Board Member Publishes New Book on Intra-European Revolutionary History

John David

In his latest book The French Revolutionary Tradition in Russian and Soviet Politics, Political Thought, and Culture, NAS Board member Jay Bergman examines the influence of French revolutionary history on the October Revolution of 1917.

America Wasn't Founded on White Supremacy

Lucas Morel

Were the founding fathers' stated ideals different from their true intentions? Professor Lucas Morel explores this question through a critique of Nikole Hannah-Jones' influential piece for The New York Times' 1619 Project.

The Ivory Debtors' Prison

Neetu Arnold

Administrative bloat and extraneous spending by colleges and universities are draining the American middle class while enriching administrators and politicians. 

America’s Exceptional Guilt

Jason Ross

A Liberty University professor explains the emergence of the "neo-Garrisonian" view of the Constitution, recently promulgated in The New York Times' 1619 Project, arguing that it is both in error and dangerous for American culture.

Academic Freedom in the Age of Double-Mindedness

Peter Wood

The Overton Window should be at its widest in the academy but rarely is that the case. In this acceptance speech, Peter wrestles with how to widen that window.