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How Oberlin Played the Race Card and Lost

Peter Wood

Oberlin's administrators miss the message sent by a $44 million verdict against the college. 

Corporate Wolves in Academic Sheepskins, or, a Billionaire’s Raid on the University of Tulsa

Jacob Howland

A sordid little tale of crony capitalism under the guise of public philanthropy.

Disinviting Scholarship


The U.S. Army War College disinvited scholar Raymond Ibrahim as deference to CAIR. This sets a dangerous precedent that threatens American interests and endangers the lives of American soldiers.

Episode #33: A Once Great University with Martin Burke

Peter Wood

The City University of New York has a reputation for providing high-quality education to the poor, working class, and immigrants of New York City. CUNY Professor Martin Burke joins me to discuss CUNY's history and future.

Introducing Communications Intern Lucas Ebel


Join us in welcoming our most recent addition to the NAS team!

How Anti-Semitism Became a Staple of 'Woke' Activism on Campus

Dion J. Pierre

The intertwined history of campus activism and anti-semitism.