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Episode #34: Words on the Move with John McWhorter

Peter Wood

Professor John McWhorter is a linguist at Columbia University and host of the podcast, Lexicon Valley. Listen in as he discusses the exciting world of words. After which, we dive into the "Church of Social-Justice" and a broader discussion on race in America today.

How Oberlin Played the Race Card and Lost

Peter Wood

Oberlin's administrators miss the message sent by a $44 million verdict against the college. 

Colorado Moves West


UC-Boulder is doubling the size of its Boulder-based Bruce D. Benson Center for Western Civilization, Thought & Policy.

Corporate Wolves in Academic Sheepskins, or, a Billionaire’s Raid on the University of Tulsa

Jacob Howland

A sordid little tale of crony capitalism under the guise of public philanthropy.

Disinviting Scholarship


The U.S. Army War College disinvited scholar Raymond Ibrahim as deference to CAIR. This sets a dangerous precedent that threatens American interests and endangers the lives of American soldiers.

Episode #33: A Once Great University with Martin Burke

Peter Wood

The City University of New York has a reputation for providing high-quality education to the poor, working class, and immigrants of New York City. CUNY Professor Martin Burke joins me to discuss CUNY's history and future.