UCSD’s New Hire

Crystal Plum

The University of California is a progressive institution at its best. Not only is it known for political activism on campus, it also is aggressively pursuing an expansion of diversity, at all costs.

In the City Journal, Heather MacDonald published “Diversity Forever”, reviewing the University of California, San Diego’s new hire, the vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion. San Diego, however, is not the first of UC branches to hire for this position.

MacDonald runs through the egregious salary and costs UC is willing to spend for diversity’s sake. While the UCSD attempts to portray the new vice chancellor, Linda Greene, as a recent recognition of the need for diversity, the hire is actually a mere step in the long line of diversity-favoring trends.

While the vice chancellor’s role is not to “count females and minorities,” she does use “’metrics’…for providing a holistic and integrated vision.” This holistic vision, unfortunately, often leaves out a large number of white and male candidates. MacDonald writes that already, “every department of USCD faces unrelenting pressure to hire females and ‘underrepresented minorities’.”

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