What Others Are Saying About NAS's Sustainability Report


Here's a sample of what people are saying about NAS's report, Sustainability: Higher Education's New Fundamentalism:

James Woudhuysen of sp!ked reviewed the report, writing that it "incisively and brilliantly interrogates the Green movement’s ideological powerhouse – the university campus," "is well written and balanced," and "is especially revealing about the dubious, feelings-centred educational methods that have overwhelmed universities in the US."

NAS president Peter Wood appeared in a video interview with Mary Kissel for Wall Street Journal Live. Kissel agreed with Wood when he expressed NAS's desire for college students to be trained to "think critically, wisely, and broadly." 

In the New York Post, Naomi Schaefer Riley wrote that "The sustainability movement on campus is really environmentalism gone wild."

In an article for Power Line, Steven Hayward "heartily recommend[ed]" the report by NAS and wrote that "the best system for ensuring sustainability for future generation is . . . free market capitalism."

At The College Fix, Micah J. Fleck recounted, "Schools are shelling out for costly feel-good initiatives" on sustainability.  

National Review Online published a brief summary of the report, urging its audience to read the full report or at minimum the executive summary to "learn more about the problems posed by higher education’s sustainability movement, as well as the solutions proposed by NAS."

Matt Briggs offered a witty blog post recapping our launch: Sustainability offers "soft totalitarianism," demands a "psychological tax" on students, doubles as a pseudo-religion, and defies "scientific facts."

Both the Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed published brief summaries of the report. Micah Fleck of The College Fix attended and reported on the NAS report launch event. 

Sustainability is generating attention on Twitter:

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