Widener Committee Advises: Withdraw Charges Against Law Prof Who Used Hypotheticals to Teach

Ashley Thorne

Professor Lawrence Connell was suspended from teaching his Criminal Law classes at Widener University after students filed complaints concerning hypotheticals he used in class. In February, NAS's interview with Professor Connell was widely circulated. Professor Connell responds in his affidavit to each of the charges against him, explaining that the hypotheticals he used in class were relevant and useful for illustrating criminal law case studies.

Today Thomas Neuberger, Professor Connell's lawyer, informed us that the informal committee of inquiry has submitted an opinion to Widener dean Linda Ammons recommending that the University withdraw the Dismissal for Cause Action.

Neuberger stated that Professor Connell is "very happy over the recommendation to dismiss the charges against him. He hopes his nightmare is over." 


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