Defending a Debased Version of the Liberal Arts

Peter Wood

The AAUP and AAC&U issue statement in support of a hollowed liberal arts.

Civics Lessons

Peter Wood

Peter Wood critiques the new AAC&U report on college-level civics education.

Nouveau Relativism in Academe

Peter Wood

Further thoughts on the AAC&U’s praise of ‘perspective-taking.’

A Call for Open-Mindedness or a Culture War Maneuver?

Peter Wood

The AAC&U's new report, "Engaging Diverse Viewpoints," styles itself as an appeal for intellectual diversity but is full of politically correct buzzwords.

LEAPs and Bounds

Ashley Thorne

An initiative spawned of the outcomes assessment movement, Liberal Education & America's Promise (LEAP), sounds boring enough. But what is really going on when the lords of of education go a-LEAP-ing? NAS investigates.

Seat Time at the AAC&U

Peter Wood

78% of colleges and universities use learning outcomes, survey says.

Vote on Administrator's Political Showcasing

Ashley Thorne

Should a campus dean use his university platform to advertise his politics? Vote now!

What Do College Graduates Know?

Michael Block

An NAS survey of Arizona college graduates' knowledge of the liberal arts.