A Champion of Free Inquiry and Intellectual Diversity Runs for the Yale Corporation


Law professor Nicholas Rosenkranz is mounting a petition campaign for the Yale Corporation.

Free to Speak: Reforming the Higher Education Act


More than 100 scholars and writers call on Congress to strip public universities of eligibility for federal student loans when they violate the First Amendment. 

The Campus Intellectual Diversity Act

Stanley Kurtz

Model state-level legislation to promote intellectual diversity on campus.  

Professor's Racial Harassment of White Student was 'Personal'

Dion J. Pierre

A Native American professor at San Diego State University racially harassed a white student, the California State Department of Justice concluded last week.

A Most Curious Document

John E. Staddon

John E. Staddon analyzes the shortcomings of the Report of the Duke University Task Force on Bias and Hate Issues.

The Sleeper Wakes

David Randall

Two articles demonstrate dawning awareness of the problems in America's higher education.

Welcome to My World

Jason Fertig

Jason Fertig writes on his first three months in the position of Faculty Senate Chair, where he has straddled the awkward fence between administration and faculty. 

Sustainability’s Latest Pulpit

Rachelle Peterson

The advocacy organization Second Nature launches a new signatory initiative, the Alliance for Resilient Campuses. 

Divestment’s Gettysburg?

Rachelle Peterson

The divestment movement suffers a devastating defeat at Hamilton College.

Why Mitch Daniels Was Right

Peter Wood

Is Mitch Daniels against academic freedom? Dr. Wood doesn't think so.

Napolitano—A Disastrous Choice

Peter Wood

The University of California Regents' choice of president proves a preference for politics over pedagogy.

New Chancellor at UNC -- Good Move or Blunder?

George Leef

Carol Folt, chancellor-elect comes from Dartmouth, an Ivy League college that has one-seventh the students and no athletic scholarships.

Richard Vedder on PSU Report and University Governance

Glenn Ricketts

NAS Board member Richard Vedder suggests some necessary reforms in university governance in light of the Penn State scandal.

OCR Harassment Guidelines And Campus Policies: The Latest

Glenn Ricketts

The implementation of OCR's campus harassment guidelines unfolds.  Bad gets worse.

Two Styles of Academic Leadership

Abraham H. Miller

Academia is not an environment conducive to good leadership, as illustrated by two extreme leadership styles.

The Virtues of a Free Market in Postsecondary Education

George Leef

A bid for eliminating federal intervention and coercion of higher education.  

Are Outside Donors Dangerous to Academe?

George Leef

Mr. Walter dismisses the claimed threat of outside influence on academic matters.

Clash of Symbols

Ashley Thorne

Elsa Murano, the first Latina president of Texas A&M University, has resigned. Some lament the loss of the institution's "symbol" of diversity.

The Public Interest and University Governance (Part 2): Recent Controversies at the College of DuPag

Tom Wood

Tom Wood argues for faculty governance in colleges and universities.

The Public Interest and University Governance (Part 1)

Tom Wood

The Palaima-Sandefer controversy at UT-Austin

Virginia Tech Follies, Synergy Edition

Peter Wood

VT gives three new reasons as to why it has made the promotion of

Three Cheers for the Dons: Part 3

Tom Wood

What happens when student affairs functions far oufund the university's core academic operations, teaching and research?

Three Cheers for the Dons: Part 2

Tom Wood

Governance structures that take control of the university out of the hands of the faculty make it easier for

Three Cheers for the Dons: Part 1

Tom Wood

Would universities be better off if their governing bodies were controlled by their faculties? This three-part series investigates.

Bias Tuesday

Ashley Thorne

Current bias stories at MIT, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, and University of Wisconsin.

Virginia Tech, Round 2:Staging Diversity

Peter Wood

Two weeks after Virginia Tech announced it was dropping its diversity litmus test for faculty members, an ambitious dean plots to bring it back.

Noose Professor Cites NAS in Lawsuit

Ashley Thorne

Madonna Constantine, the formerly tenured professor who was fired last year for plagiarism, is now filing a lawsuit against Columbia Teachers College. Her claim mentions an NAS article, "The Copyist and the Noose.

A College Board Does Its Job

Steve Balch

DuPage adopts a policy statement based on the Academic Bill of Rights.

Brandishing an Apology

Ashley Thorne

Faculty call for transparency in art controversy.

University Governance: Will Dartmouth Become Shutmouth?

Poor Dartmouth College. Having opted back in the nineteenth century to allow its alumni to choose half of its governing board, it is now stuck with the consequences: four successive trustee elections lost to insurgents and an administration plan to hobble future insurgent nominations scotched for good measure.