FIRE Notes NJ Anti-Bullying Law Endangers Free Speech On Campus

Glenn Ricketts

No one should tolerate genuine bullying, but the sensitive enforcers of ambiguous anti-harassment laws often overstep their bounds.

Aggressive Anti-Bullying Crusade Gathers Steam

Glenn Ricketts

You can easily imagine how  “anti-bullying” policies will likely to play out on college campuses already dominated by the enforcers of sensitivity.

Anti-Bullying Regulations in DC Promise Ubiquitous Micromanagement

Glenn Ricketts

There may well be a threshold at which verbal abuse constitutes legitimately punishable harassment, but the bill currently under consideration by the DC Council goes way, WAY, beyond those limits: "Virtually no speech or behavior that a student might consider insulting and that a petty bureaucrat might find offensive and disruptive is beyond the reach of this ban." 

Bullying the Constitution

Glenn Ricketts

What is a bully? Well, I once got suspended for dealing with one rather directly when I was in 8th grade. The guy wouldn't leave me alone, and was pretty good at evading hall proctors and faculty supervisors. 

"Big Argus" Meets the Playground Bullies

Peter Wood

Yesterday's IHE article, which framed the Argus project as a Big Brother operation, set the dervishes of the Left in motion. NAS executive director Peter Wood takes time to separate spin from fact.