Law Professors Celebrate Marriage and Work Ethic, Immediately Attacked as Racists

George W. Dent

Daring to defend the insitution of marriage and hard work will now get you in trouble with the thought police. 

Modern vs. Western Thought: Cultural Marxism and Gender Feminism

William H. Young

William Young discusses the impact of Gender Feminism on family and society.

Environmentalists vs. Babies


Ashley Thorne wrote for World Magazine on environmentalism's anti-reproductive attitude.

Academic Social Science and the Family

William H. Young

William Young examines the negative effects of social science on the traditional family.

Ask a Scholar: Welfare, Single Mothers, and Marriage

Lawrence M. Mead

A politics scholar addresses the question, "Should marriage be a condition included in welfare reform? Would welfare benefits incentivize women to get married?"

Capitalism and Western Civilization: Immaterial Resources

William H. Young

William Young examines the vital role of immaterial resources in the educational process.

The “Marriage Premium”

George Leef

Mr. Leef makes fun of the concept of a "college degree premium" with a parallel to marriage as an earning stimulant.

No Undergrad Degree Is Worth $250,000

Ashley Thorne

So says financial expert Dave Ramsey to a woman whose stepdaughter wants her parents to finance her $250,000 private college education.


Marriage and Family in Western Civilization

William H. Young

William H. Young examines the present dysfunctional state of the family in light of its traditional role in Western Civilization.

Tiger Mother at the Gym

Ashley Thorne

"I compared his math homework to a Chinese math assignment, and his is much easier."

Debating Same-Sex Marriage

Peter Wood

Peter Wood considers the academy's influence on public opinion regarding same-sex marriage and encourages more debate among scholars.

Is Chick-fil-A Anti-Gay?

Peter Wood

Two colleges sought to boycott Chick-fil-A after the restaurant chain donated food to a marriage seminar in Pennsylvania.

Overheard at Starbuck's: A Parents Call

Ashley Thorne

Parents and grandparents of college students, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have a memorable comment your child has said about his or her college experience?

Gone, Daddy, Gone

Adrianna Groth

College Students get little encouragement to esteem the traditional family from the redefined-family curriculum and "hooking-up" dorm culture.