Your Chance to Run the Zoo

Ashley Thorne

What's your idea of an ideal college? Email this summer and let us know!

2009 If I Ran the Zoo #5

Robert L. Jackson

Robert Jackson says the higher ed zoo needs a Great Conversation.

2009 If I Ran the Zoo #4

Ashley Thorne

Ashley Thorne would say "toot-a-loo!" to race-based grouping if she ran the zoo.

2009 If I Ran the Zoo #2 and #3

Carol Iannone

How the AQ editors would run the higher ed zoo: "Unlock the philosophers!" says Felicia Chernesky. "Bring on the curfews and visiting hours!" says Carol Iannone.

Announcing NAS's Summer 2009 "If I Ran the Zoo" Series

Peter Wood

Submit your idea of how you would run the higher education zoo! Send your text or video submission to

If I Ran the Zoo XIV

Erin O'Connor

Erin O'Connor and Maurice Black point us to Dr. Seuss's commencement address that urged, "swallow what's solid," but "spit out the air!"

If I Ran the Zoo XIII

The zoo runs on, with Ammon Allred's Seussian verse on what matters in higher education.

If I Ran the Zoo XII

By blogger "anotherpanacea," a professor of philosophy in the Washington, D.C. area

If I Ran the Zoo XI

Harvey Silverglate

Harvey Silverglate ponders

If I Ran the Zoo X

Roger Kimball

Roger Kimball summons us to call the "spade" a spade, and to seek truth free of "theory."

If I Ran the Zoo IX

John Leo

If John Leo ran the zoo, he'd cancel all courses whose names end in

If I Ran the Zoo VIII

Michael Kellman

Conservative crews have left the zoos: here's one more opinion on which to muse. What would you do if you ran the zoo?

If I Ran the Zoo VII

Mark Bauerlein

Mark Bauerlein's simple rule for running the zoo: have other professors teach freshman comp too!

If I Ran the Zoo VI

Sylvia Wasson

Squawks, roars, and Tarzan yells encouraged at this zoo.

If I Ran the Zoo V

Anne Neal

To free inquiry true would Anne Neal run the zoo, even if it's quite a hullabaloo.

If I Ran the Zoo IV

Todd Zywicki

Todd Zywicki, a Dartmouth graduate (like "Dr." Theodore Suess Geisel, class of 1925), gives his feed on running the higher education zoo.

If I Ran the Zoo III

George Leef

Oh the things you can do if you run the zoo! We asked George Leef what he would improve. What did he do? He gave us a clue.

If I Ran the Zoo II

Mike Adams

If Mike Adams ran the zoo, here's what he would do.

If I Ran the Zoo

What would you do if you ran the university zoo? NAS presents a series of opinions on the ideal portrait of the higher education menagerie.