Wasteful Productivity

Mark Bauerlein

The way humanities departments at research universities measure productivity – by counting publications – incentivizes unproductiveness in teaching.

Capitalism and Western Civilization: Productivity

William H. Young

William Young analyzes the development of increased productivity in modern capitalism.

Manhattan Institute/Pope Center Debate Yesterday

George Leef

Resolved: Too Many People Go to College.

A Dispute Over Our Faculty Workload Study

George Leef

In today’s Pope Center piece, the provost at UNC-Asheville takes issue with the findings in our report on faculty workloads. She argues that they do more than we said they did. Author Jay Schalin replies.

Reasons for College Inefficiency: Misallocation and Underutilization

George Leef

The U.S. devotes a lot of resources to higher education but gets a pretty low return, argues Richard Vedder. 

Faculty Members, But Not Teachers

Glenn Ricketts

First Things editor R.R. Reno takes a look at the ongoing discussion about the connection between ever-increasing costs at academic institutions and the large number of faculty members who do little or no teachng. Their primary purpose seems to be to enhance their school's public profile and keep the undergraduate applications on the rise.

But if you're a student trying to find them in a classroom, good luck: they're getting paid - a lot - to write, write, write. What would be the impact on institutional expenses, Reno asks, if we put 'em to work with even a couple of additional courses per year? A lively comments thread follows.

How Heavy Is That Teaching Load, Really?

George Leef

In today’s Pope Center piece,  Jay Schalin looks at the recent statement by the UNC system that appears to overstate the amount of teaching that professors actually do.

Faculty Productivity

George Leef

In today's Pope Center piece, Duke Cheston writes about his findings regarding the UNC political science department. Have tenured faculty engaged in some successful "rent seeking" to reduce the amount of teaching time they have to put in?

Tenure and the Cost of Professors: The Production Perspective

Bruce Heiden

The death of tenure would mean the supply of high quality faculty members would shrink, argues Bruce Heiden.