California Takes Aim at Religious Freedom

Chance Layton

A new bill targets religious colleges and strips attending students of state grants. 

Marquette's Reputation at Stake

Peter Wood

The Jesuit university in Milwaukee rebuked a professor for blogging about what another instructor said to a student about discussing homosexuality in class. 

Science, Faith, and Academic Freedom: Erskine College Swats a Gadfly

Peter Wood

A professor's dismissal raises questions about whether religious colleges can protect both academic freedom and a creedal mission.

Blacklisting a Christian University

Ashley Thorne

The AAUP's Canadian counterpart, the CAUT, has declared that Trinity Western University's statement of faith deprives faculty members of academic freedom. We disagree.

The APA Discriminates

Ashley Thorne

The APA intended to end one form of discrimination, but they have begun another.

Errant Liberty

Peter Wood

Why Liberty University was unwise to de-recognize its Young Democrats Association.

Keeping the Faith - Out

Glenn Ricketts

Debate over President Obama's Notre Dame commencement address sparks anti-Catholic fervor.

Observations at Manchester

Ashley Thorne

What does NAS have to say about a private Christian college? NAS takes a tour through Manchester.

Dis-honoring Yeshiva

Peter Wood

Yeshiva ousted James Otteson, who had just been hired to found and direct the university's academic honors program. Rumor has it that his pseudonymous blog was what turned the Yeshiva administration against him, but we don