The Lost History of Western Civilization


Join the National Association of Scholars and the Pepperdine School of Public Policy on January 24th for a half-day conference on “The Lost History of Western Civilization” and the launch of a new report by Stanley Kurtz.

Conference Call: Presidential Candidates on Higher Education


Join us for a conference call next Wednesday, November 13, as NAS Policy Director Rachelle Peterson breaks down the higher ed plans of leading presidential candidates.

Leveling America


Should colleges elevate social justice activism over education? We think not. Join the National Association of Scholars and the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal in Raleigh, NC on December 6th for a half-day discussion on how to return higher education to its mission—the pursuit of truth.

Conference Call Invitation: The 1620 Project

David Randall

Join us next Wednesday, October 23, at 2 PM Eastern for a conference call to discuss The 1620 Project, NAS's response to The New York Times' 1619 Project.

Fixing Science


Join the National Association of Scholars and the Independent Institute as we bring together scientists, academics, government officials, and philanthropists to discuss practical ways to fix how science works. 

Conference Calls: Fall 2019


Join us this fall for conference calls to discuss what’s happening in higher education. We’ll talk about campus culture, history curricula, what presidential candidates have said on higher education, and more.

Beach Books: 2018-2019 Launch Event


Join the National Association of Scholars and First Things for wine and cheese and the release of Beach Books.

Member Meeting and Board Nominations

The National Association of Scholars will hold its annual membership meeting on Saturday, October 19, 2019. 

Conference Call: The Politicization of the College Board

David Randall

Join us next Wednesday, March 27, at 2 PM Eastern for a conference call to discuss the ways in which many of the Advanced Placement tests have become politicized and weakened.

Inside the Beltway Conference Call


Join NAS next Wednesday, February 20, at 2:00 PM Eastern for a conference call to discuss what’s happening in DC. 

Event Overview: A Hole in the Renaissance


First Things hosted NAS for an evening lecture by Dr. Elenor Schnieder. 

EVENT: A Hole in the Renaissance


Join us February 12, 2019, at the office of First Things as we come together to hear a lecture from Dr. Eleanor Schneider.

Conference Call Schedule: Spring 2019


Join NAS once a month this Spring as we discuss education politics, neo-segregation, and politicization of the College Board. 

Event: A Hole in the Renaissance


Join us February 12th at the office of First Things for a lecture by Dr. Eleanor Schneider.

Heather Mac Donald Receives the Peter Shaw Award


Peter Wood bestows the Peter Shaw Award for Writing about Higher Education at NAS's regional conference. 

Disgrace: Shame, Punishment, and Redemption in American Higher Education


A summary of NAS's conference held at Chapman University on January 11th and 12th.

Invitation: Conference Call on Proposed Title IX Regulations


Join us as we discuss the merits and means of strengthening the new Title IX rule. 

Invitation: Conference Call on Why Western Civilization Matters


NAS President Peter Wood will discuss why Western civilization matters, why it isn’t taught, and what can be done about it.  

Invitation: Conference Call on the Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science


Building on our 2018 report, NAS will release a toolkit with practical ways to promote replicable, reliable science. 

Registration is Open for "Disgrace: Shame, Punishment, and Redemption"


Join NAS January 11 and 12 in Orange, California as we discuss disgrace in higher education.

Beach Books: 2017-2018


A summary of Beach Books and links to more info. 

Launch Event: Beach Books 2017-18


RSVP for the launch of Beach Books 2017-2018 at First Things. A live stream of the launch event is available.

Conference Calls: The Freedom to Learn Agenda


Schedule and information for Fall conference calls with NAS.

From the Newsletter: Amy Wax Receives the Peter Shaw Award


A summary of the events leading to the controversy, and the story behind the Peter Shaw Memorial Award. 

Studying Renaissance History: An Interview with Eleanor Pettus Schneider


NAS awards Eleanor Pettus Schneider with the 2018 Fraser Barron Memorial Scholarship, what does she hope to make of her research?

Save the Date: NAS Conference, January 11 and 12


NAS is hosting a conference themed, “Disgrace: Shame, Punishment, and Redemption in American Higher Education,” at Chapman University in California.

Capitol Ideas: Government Overreach and Higher Education


A summary of NAS's regional conference held at Grove City College, August 10 and 11. 

August 10-11 Conference: "Capitol Ideas: Government Overreach and Higher Education"


Registration is now open for NAS's August 2018 conference, in partnership with Grove City College.

Facebook Live Event: Capitol Ideas, A Preview of NAS's Conference


Join us today at 2:00 PM ET as NAS Director of Policy Rachelle Peterson previews NAS's upcoming conference's speakers and panels you won't want to miss!

Capitol Ideas: A Preview of NAS’s August Conference


Join us this Wednesday, June 27 at 2:00 PM ET for a preview of NAS’s upcoming conference.

Photos: The 2018 Peter Shaw Memorial Award with Amy Wax


Photos are now available from our evening honoring Amy Wax.

Honoring Amy Wax: Video


Watch the live feed from our event honoring Amy Wax here, and catch up on the latest developments.

Teaching the Renaissance of Tolerance

David Randall

The text of the lecture given by NAS's Director of Research on February 10, 2018 at our conference, "What is Western Civilization?"

Why Civilization, Not Culture?

Peter Wood

The text of the Plenary Address given on Saturday, February 10 at the NAS conference, "What is Western Civilization?" 

Join NAS in Washington, D.C. on April 17 for the Launch of Our Newest Report


Join us in Washington, D.C. on April 17, 2018 as we release our newest report, The Irreproducibility Crisis of Modern Science. 

April Events and Speaking Engagements


Find out where NAS staff will be speaking and about upcoming events hosted by NAS in April.

Recap of NAS Conference: "What is Western Civilization?"


An overview of the first NAS conference of 2018 held in lovely Phoenix, AZ; includes pictures!

Upcoming NAS Speaking Engagements


Keep abreast of the speaking engagements and other community engagement activities of the NAS staff. 

Thank You Sponsors: NAS Conference "What is Western Civilization?"


We are excited for the first NAS conference this weekend in Phoenix, AZ, and we are grateful for our conference sponsors.

Victoria Coates Is Keynote Speaker at February NAS Conference


Victoria C. G. Coates, author of David's Sling: A History of Democracy in Ten Works of Art, will give the dinner keynote address at NAS's conference in Phoenix, "What Is Western Civilization?"

February 9-10 Conference in Phoenix: "What Is Western Civilization?"


Registration is now open for NAS's February 2018 conference, in partnership with Great Hearts Academies. 

2017 Membership Meeting and Board Member Nominations


NAS members may join us October 21 for NAS’s annual member meeting, and may submit nominations for board members until September 27. 

Peel and Stick: SPLC’s Reckless Labeling

Peter Wood

NAS responds to the outrageous claims of the SPLC.

Invitation: David Randall to Speak on "Beach Books" Report in DC


NAS's David Randall will examine the common reading genre (parochial, contemporary, juvenile, and progressive) and recommend specific reforms to push colleges to select better common readings.

Register Now: Beach Books 2016-2017 Launch


Register at First Things to attend the Beach Books launch.

Save the Date: Beach Books 2016-2017


Save the date for the launch of Beach Books 2016-2017 on May 24th.

The Negative Influence of Education Schools on the K-12 Curriculum

Sandra Stotsky

Sandra Stotsky writes on the damage wrought by education schools.

Securing Liberty

Rachelle Peterson

NAS members and friends gathered in Oklahoma City for NAS’s 30th anniversary conference.

Wasted Colleges: The New Civics in Colorado - 1/12/17 in Denver, CO


Join us in Denver, CO on Thursday, January 12, for an evening event celebrating the release of our new report Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics

Losing the Republic: The Progressive Hijack of Civics Education - 1/10/17 in DC


Join us in Washington, DC on Tuesday, January 10, for a formal event celebrating the release of our new report Making Citizens: How American Universities Teach Civics

Register for "Securing Liberty" Conference on January 21


Early bird pricing ends December 31. Join us in celebration of NAS's 30th anniversary. 

Securing Liberty: Rebuilding American Education in an Era of Illiberal Learning


Early bird pricing lasts through December 31st! Register now to join us in Oklahoma City as we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary. 

Video: Academic Freedom in the Age of Political Correctness


Peter Wood speaks at First Things alongside Mark Bauerlein, Jay Schalin, and KC Johnson. 

Register Now for NAS’s January 2017 Conference


Celebrate NAS’s 30th anniversary at our 2017 conference in Oklahoma City, "Securing Liberty: Rebuilding American Education in an Era of Illiberal Learning." Paul Rahe will give the keynote address. 

Register for Academic Freedom in the Age of Political Correctness


Join us on October 5th at the First Things editorial offices in New York City. 

Member Nominations for the NAS Board


Members may submit nominations for open seats on the board until September 16, 2016.

Save the Date: Academic Freedom in the Age of Political Correctness


Join us for an evening discussion about rebuilding the foundations of academic freedom. 

Save the Date: NAS Conference


Join us in Oklahoma this January as we celebrate our thirtieth anniversary. Paul Rahe will give the keynote address. 

Invitation: Beach Books Report Launch with Keynote by Mark Bauerlein


For the past six years, NAS has surveyed college common reading programs. Join us at the launch of the newest "Beach Books" report. 

NAS New Year's Party


You are invited to celebrate the New Year with the National Association of Scholars on Thursday, January 7th, 3-6pm.

Announcement: NAS Will Release "Inside Divestment" Report

Peter Wood

Invitation to attend "Inside Divestment" report launch on November 10.

College Students Will Gather to Discuss “Marriage, Family, and Sexual Integrity”

Ashley Thorne

Registration is open for an October 30-31 student conference at Princeton sponsored by the Love and Fidelity Network.

NY Association of Scholars Event October 4


Join the NY Association of Scholars for the first event of Fall 2015 on October 4th at 2:00 PM.

Member Nominations for the NAS Board


Members may submit nominations for open seats on the board until August 24, 2015.

Common Core Debate at St. Francis College

Madison Iszler

Peter Wood and Kathleen Porter-Magee will debate the Common Core State Standards at St. Francis College on February 26.

NAS Leaders Speaking at Upcoming Conferences

At two upcoming conferences, NAS president Peter Wood will speak on the Common Core State Standards, and executive director Ashley Thorne will speak on freshman summer reading programs. 

Video from Common Core Debate at St. Francis College


St. Francis College in Brooklyn hosted a debate between NAS President Peter Wood and Sol Stern of the Manhattan Institute.

Debate Between Peter Wood and Sol Stern at St. Francis College: Monday, October 20


Peter Wood and Sol Stern will debate the Common Core at St. Francis College on Monday, October 20.

Re-Cap of Ivory Tower Film Event

Marilee Turscak

The National Association of Scholars hosted a screening of Ivory Tower in New York City.

Ohio Association of Scholars Lecture on October 22


The Ohio Association of Scholars will host a lecture on "The Coming Crisis in Higher Education" by Dr. Richard Vedder.

NAS at the Movies: Documentary Film Screening of Ivory Tower in New York City


NAS will host a film screening of Ivory Tower in New York City.

2014 Annual Membership NAS Meeting


The NAS annual membership meeting will take place on October 11.

Win Two Free Tickets to the NAS’s Screening of Ivory Tower in New York City!


NAS is hosting a Twitter contest and giving away 10 free tickets to our exclusive New York City screening of Ivory Tower.

Climate Activism: a March of True Believers

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle DeJong recounts a recent conference on climate change that took place at the New School.

NAS Annual Report 2013


NAS releases its 2013 Annual Report.

California Association of Scholars Conference in June


The California Association of Scholars will co-host a conference, "Failing Grades: The Crisis in Teaching on our University Campuses."

Social Scientists Vs. Climate Change

Rachelle Peterson

Rachelle DeJong live-blogs a two-day conference at The New School on how to get people to live "greener" lives.

NYAS Event About Ukraine on May 4, 2014


Victor Rud will discuss "America, Ukraine, and Russia: Issues, Illusions, and Consequences."

Videos from the NAS Conference on Global Citizenship and Bowdoin College


All lectures from the NAS Conference on Global Citizenship and Bowdoin College are now available for viewing.

Ohio Association of Scholars Meeting


The Ohio Association of Scholars will host a meeting in April.

Iced Out: We Held a Conference and Bowdoin Stayed Home

Peter Wood

NAS president Peter Wood reflects on how the Bowdoin College community has responded to NAS's report What Does Bowdoin Teach? with little more than quiet chuckles.

Video: Global Citizenship Conference


Watch the video from our conference in Brunswick, ME.

Conference on Bowdoin College and Global Citizenship in Brunswick, Maine


PRESS RELEASE: The NAS will examine global citizenship and higher education at the conference “Global Illusions: Bowdoin’s Post-Citizens and the Future of American Higher Education” on February 6th.

Resuming the Bowdoin Conversation

Peter Wood

Peter Wood invites students, faculty members, and others who are interested to discuss Bowdoin College and global citizenship. 

February 6th Conference on Global Citizenship and Bowdoin College


Join us in Brunswick, Maine, next Thursday, February 6th, for a discussion of global citizenship in higher education at the conference, “Global Illusions: Bowdoin’s Post-Citizens and the Future of American Higher Education.”

Event: New York Affiliate to Host Lecture by Daniel DiSalvo


On February 2nd, Daniel Disalvo will discuss "Government Unions and Inequality - de Blasio's Dilemma."

Arts and Culture Conference to Be Held in March


The Center for American Culture and Ideas at the University of Arizona will hold its first conference March 2014 in Tucson, Arizona.

Georgia NAS Chapter Sponsors Lecture on "Tenured Radicals"

Ashley Thorne

On Sunday, November 3, Drs. Mary Grabar and Tina Trent will speak about the influence of radical ideology in schools of education and women's studies. 

U Arizona Center for American Culture and Ideas to Hold First Arts and Culture Conference


The Center for American Culture and Ideas at the University of Arizona will offer its first conference, on “The Future of (High) Culture in America,” in March 2014. 

NAS Board Nominations Now Open


The deadline for members to submit nominations for the NAS Board of Directors is September 19.

Videos from A Mighty Maze, Session 5

Tessa Carter

Videos of the Session 5 panel speakers at the NAS 2013 conference: Whither the West?

Video: Steve Milloy's Keynote Address at NAS 2013 Conference

Tessa Carter

Steve Milloy, founder of, gives the luncheon keynote address at NAS's "A Mighty Maze" conference.

Video: Midge Decter Receives Sidney Hook Award

Ashley Thorne

NAS honored Midge Decter, "the presiding spirit" at the founding of the organization, with an award for distinguished contributions to the defense of academic freedom and the integrity of academic life.

Videos from A Mighty Maze, Session 4

Crystal Plum

Videos of the Session 4 panel speakers at the NAS 2013 conference: The New Civics and Social Justice Advocacy.

Videos from A Mighty Maze, Session 3

Crystal Plum

Videos of the Session 3 panel speakers at the NAS 2013 conference: The Higher Education Bubble.

Videos from A Mighty Maze, Session 2

Crystal Plum

Videos of the Peter Shaw Memorial Award and Session 2 panel speakers at the NAS 2013 conference: The Battle over Racial Prefrences.

Videos from A Mighty Maze, Session 1

Crystal Plum

Videos of introduction and Session 1 panel speakers at the NAS 2013 conference: The Illiberal Arts: Politicization and Academic Decline. 

Upcoming Higher Education Events

Crystal Plum

Engage with NAS members and friends on issues in higher education at upcoming events this month.

A Critical Reexamination of Social Justice

Ashley Thorne

A national meeting of the Philadelphia Society considered the meaning of "social justice" and how it is different from regular justice.

Social Justice and the Curriculum: American Higher Education Dives In

Peter Wood

Peter Wood speaks at the Philadelphia Society Conference, “With Liberty and Justice for All: A Critical Reexamination of Social Justice.”

This Week: Western Civilization and the Academy Conference

Crystal Plum

Saint Vincent College is hosting a conference to explore the roots, extent, and long-term consequences of the academic shift away from the study of Western civilization.

Video: Bowdoin Report Launch Event

Watch the video from NAS's launch of the report What Does Bowdoin Teach?

Mary Grabar Reviews NAS Conference

Ashley Thorne

A writer who attended NAS's 25th anniversary celebration "A Mighty Maze" responds to attacks on NAS in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

A Mighty Maze: NAS Conference 2013

Ashley Thorne

The NAS twenty-fifth anniversary event was a smashing success. 

Register Now for NAS's Conference and Dinner 2013


Registration is now open for NAS's 25th anniversary conference and dinner March 1-2, 2013.

Eugene Genovese, 1930-2012

Glenn Ricketts

An outstanding scholar and fearless defender of academic integrity passes from the scene.

Tom Wolfe the Keynote Speaker for NAS Conference 2013

Crystal Plum

Journalist and author Tom Wolfe will speak at NAS's conference in March.

Are Modern Professors Experts on Good and Evil?

Bruce W. Davidson

An international conference on "perspectives on evil" revealed academics' weak understanding of morality.

Stanley Rothman Panel in New Orleans Canceled

Ashley Thorne

Due to the bad weather in New Orleans and travel delays for panelists, the roundtable in honor of Stanley Rothman at the meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) on Thursday, August 30, has been canceled.

Come to APSA Roundtable Honoring Stanley Rothman

Ashley Thorne

NAS members and friends may be interested in attending a panel to honor the late social scientist and NAS leader.

Save the Date: NAS Conference and Dinner 2013


Mark your calendars for NAS's national conference and gala March 1-2, 2013 in New York City!

Fang Lizhi, 1991 Sidney Hook Award Recipient

Glenn Ricketts

NAS mourns the passing of an intrepid advocate of free inquiry and democracy.

Peter Wood: Has Science Become Politicized?

Ashley Thorne

NAS president Peter Wood discusses academic standards for science and the consequences that result when science becomes tainted by political bias.

How to Ask a Question

Peter Wood

Peter Wood offers advice to students and academics on how to ask questions at public events.

A Thought-Provoking 'Is the West Best?' Discussion with Ibn Warraq

Ashley Thorne

At a lively panel discussion on Wednesday at Saint Francis College, authors Ibn Warraq and Paul Berman, and journalist Sohrab Ahmari reflected on the worth of Western civilization.

Upcoming Debate and Speakers in New York, Minnesota, and DC

Ashley Thorne

Please join NAS's affiliates at three upcoming events this spring, where you can hear from distinguished scholars and connect with like-minded attendees.

MLA Panelists Analyze Beach Books

Ashley Thorne

At this year's MLA convention, academics considered the role common reading assignments have to play in the education of college students.

Event: NY Affiliate to Host Lecture by Jonathan Brent

Kate Hamilton

The New York Association of Scholars and the CUNY Association Scholars will have Jonathan Brent speak on "Soviet Archives and the Struggle for Truth in History" as their first event of 2012.

Peter Wood on Eagle Forum Radio: Higher Education "Sustainabullies"

As Phyllis Schlafly's guest on national radio, Peter Wood spoke about the influence of sustainability ideology on our universities and answered questions from callers about what this means for our national identity.

Reviving the True, the Good, and the Beautiful

Ashley Thorne

Ashley Thorne attends a meeting of the Philadelphia Society.

Don't Miss: "A Conversation with Peter Wood" on February 23

Next Wednesday NAS president Peter Wood will speak in New York City about anger in America now, drawing on his book A Bee in the Mouth. Hosted by the Institute for American Values, the event is free and refreshments will be provided. RSVP today!

MLA Lingo Bingo

David Clemens

I tried, but it is nearly impossible to parody the Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention’s yearly orgy of political correctness, anti-capitalism, and Theory, just concluded in Los Angeles.  

Where Did Those Mushy "No Labels" Ideas Come From?

George Leef

In this sharp essay, Mary Grabar links the intellectually mushy "No Labels" movement to academic fads that decried logic and debate as just bad male habits.

The Man in the Moon: A Memory from the NAS Conference

David Clemens

In 2009, ten days before the inauguration, I was in Washington for the NAS conference but had decided to stay near the National Mall at the ritzy Hay-Adams across from the White House.  With Blair House unavailable, President-elect Obama had also picked The Hay, so my stay had been filled with concrete barriers, metal fences, and Secret Service. One night, walking back from the conference, I stupidly headed the wrong way, towards Delaware, 180 degrees from The Hay.  In the drizzle, I heard, “Hey, beautiful brother . . .” as a woman on a bicycle coasted by on the wet street.  I shook my head but a minute later I heard her again, “I’m no threat to you.”  The panhandler had dismounted and was already at my elbow. “You’re following me . . . .” “Yeh, but I can’t hurt you,” she said, looking up.  She was slender, with chocolate skin, soulful eyes, a real smile unperfected by braces, wearing a puffy nylon jacket.  I started walking but she launched into her pitch:  raised by her grandmother, finding her mother dead on the floor.  “Some folks have just had a harder time, you know?”  I gave detached “hmmms” and “ohs,” but also wondered about her—she was engaging, persistent but gentle, obviously smart.  She asked, “What’s your name?” Cautious, I said, “David.  I’m from California, here for a conference, but I think I’m going the wrong way.” “I’m Robin.  Where you staying?” “The Hay-Adams.” “Oh, you kidding me?  That’s where Obama’s staying!  Aren’t you going in the wrong direction!  C’mon, I’ll take you there!”  She wheeled her bicycle around, pushing off into the night.  “David from California.  You know, isn’t that something?  There you was, lost, and I came along and found you.”  She shook her head.  “That’s how I know there’s somebody more up in the sky than the Man in the Moon.” “Are you from Washington?” “My whole life.  I have five kids, but . . .” she ducked her head, “I don’t have any of them.” “Robin,” I said, “I’m a teacher.  You seem as able as most of my students.” She was silent. We reached double digit streets, nearing The Hay, but I no longer wanted the encounter to end.   “Robin, with your personality I’m sure you could . . .” (I thought frantically how to convey confidence in her without being patronizing) “. . . get a regular job.”  She looked down again.  “I don’t like living in the shelters.  There’s too many drugs.  I have to hide my stuff around.” We cut through a Metro station where human figures hunched near the warm wind pouring up the stairwells.  Back in the rainy night Robin exclaimed, “Look!  Ducks!”  Under a sapling, on a patch of wet grass, two young Mallards huddled, dazed by the glare of headlights and neon. “Do you read?” I asked. “Yeh.  `DON’T WALK.’  `NO TRESPASSING.’  `CLOSED.’”  She smiled, then repeated:

Imagine that, David from California.  There you was lost, and I was supposed to find you.

“Are you going to the inauguration?” Her face clouded, “I don’t like crowds.” We saw the floodlit Hay now.  She slowed and said hopefully, “I know you would take care of a sister.” Not yet.  She had to know that I was not embarrassed to be with her.  The moon gleamed off temporary bleachers and metal barricades around the White House as we walked the final block.  At the checkpoint, she stopped again.  I took the last $50 bill from my wallet and said, “Thanks, Robin.  Please take this.  I’m glad I met you and that we got to talk.” Robin stared at Ulysses Grant; I wondered what she knew about history.  “Oh, there’s more in the sky than the Man in the Moon.” She shook her head, smiled up at me, and we embraced.  Then she swung onto her bike, and I turned toward the security tent, the metal detector, and the shiny black cars. These days, I often think of my beautiful sister Robin, huddled in a D.C. shelter, still hiding her stuff, still waiting for hope and change.

How to Attract Undocumented Students...No Comment

Ashley Thorne

A June conference aims to help diversity directors and minority recruiters woo illegal immigrants.

Upcoming Events in California and Connecticut

Ashley Thorne

Dinesh D'Souza and Karen Torre to speak at upcoming NAS affiliate-sponsored events.

Jabberwocky Watch: Hybrid Tipping Points for Turbulent Times

Peter Wood

Jargon and disconnect at a conference of DePaul University faculty and staff members on “Negotiating Change: Critical Transitions, Tipping Points, and Cataclysmic Futures.”

De-Growth Conference...No Comment

Ashley Thorne

Participants at a meeting in Vancouver will look for ways to shrink the economy in the name of sustainability.

Arab Scholars Speak

Peter Wood

An Atlanta conference of the Institute for American Values gathers Middle Eastern intellectuals at the launch of the online journal IjtihadReason.

California Association of Scholars Upcoming Events

Ashley Thorne

NAS's California affiliate will host Dinesh D'Souza and Victor Davis Hanson this spring.

New York and CUNY Association of Scholars NYC Event December 13

Ashley Thorne

Via Professor David Gordon, president of NAS's New York affiliate, an announcement specifically for NAS members:





Emil Draitser


will discuss his recent book



Growing Up Jewish Under Stalin

Many years after making his way to America from Odessa in Soviet Ukraine, Emil Draitser made a startling discovery: every time he uttered the word "Jewish" — even in casual conversation — he lowered his voice. This behavior was a natural product, he realized, of growing up in the anti-Semitic, post-Holocaust Soviet Union, when "Shush!" was the most frequent word he heard: "Don't use your Jewish name in public. Don't speak a word of Yiddish. And don't cry over your murdered relatives."  This compelling memoir conveys the reader back to Draitser's childhood and provides a unique account of mid twentieth-century life in Russia as he struggled to reconcile the harsh values of Soviet society with the values of his working-class Jewish family. Draitser, today a professor of Russian at Hunter College, in addition examines Odessa's social fabric as exemplified in film, literature, humor, headlines, holidays and vernacular to offer valuable, poignant snapshots of this turbulent, terrifying time in a work that one reviewer called “whimsical, heartfelt and candid,"  and another found "a wonderfully evocative memoir of childhood and adolescence during one of the most tragic epochs in Russian history. As grim as the historical background of the memoir is, the mood is redeemed by Draitser's perfectly Odessan Jewish humor, sad yet optimistic, compared with that of another great Odessan, Isaak Babel."

December 13, 2009 3:00 PM


at the home of Nahma Sandrow and Bill Meyers

180 Riverside Drive. apt 3A

Entrance on West 90 Street New York, NY

RSVP  - David Gordon    (718) 289-5658

California Association Talks of War

Ashley Thorne

Our California affiliate invites you to a free evening with Victor Davis Hanson.

Middle East and Africa Scholars Meet Next Month

Ashley Thorne

Seats are still available at the ASMEA conference in October.


Peter Wood

Inside: NAS's contributions to the decade for ESD; why no one criticizes sustainability; and international visions of sustainatopia.

Banquet Luncheon and Awards Presentation

At our national conference in January 2009, NAS presented awards to outstanding individuals who contributed to the defense of academic freedom, intellectual culture, and education reform. This year's recipients were Carol Iannone, Bruce Cole, Victor Davis Hanson, and Ward Connerly.

Sunday Blog

Peter Wood

A weekend experiment in short-form commentary.

Panel 4: Are the Dorms Being Politicized?

Video: The final panel at the January 2009 national NAS conference was based on our initiative, "How Many Delawares?" The panel was moderated by Velma Montoya and included speakers Adam Kissel, John K. Wilson, and Jan Blits.

Panel 3: The Military and Academe

Video: At our 2009 national conference we held a panel to discuss the relationship between the military and higher education. General Josiah Bunting chaired the panel, which included speakers Edward Lengel, Brig Gen Charles F. Brower IV, and Allan Silver.

Panel 2: The Changing Economic and Technical Landscape of Higher Education

Video: Panel 2 at the January 2009 NAS conference, chaired by Herbert London, included Andrew Gillen (representing Richard Vedder), Richard Bishirjian, and Scott Jaschik.

Electracy What a Tangled Web We Weave

Peter Wood

If electronic proficiency replaces literacy, can we be truly whole?

Panel 1: The Changing Political Landscape of Higher Education

The first panel at the recent NAS conference, moderated by Anne Neal, included Abigail Thernstrom, Greg Lukianoff, Terry Hartle, and Diane Auer Jones.

Civilization and the Spirit of Scholarship: On the Continuing Need for the National Association of Scholars Part I: Genuine Academic Freedom

Peter Wood

A multi-part statement by NAS president Peter Wood on the NAS's goals, interests, and priorities.

NAS Conference Keynote Speaker: "Western Culture is Unique"

Video: Victor Davis Hanson, champion of Western civilization, addressed the NAS conference on January 9, 2009.

Speaking Freely

Ashley Thorne

Does the AAUP really oppose speech codes?


Peter Wood

Attendants called the NAS national conference of this past weekend "more intellectually exciting than any other academic conference" they had ever attended.

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Peter Wood

Presidential greetings on liberty from Peter Wood.

NAS Confers, Hell Stirs

Peter Wood

As the time for our conference approaches(Washington, DC, Jan. 9-11), some may hear of it and tremble...

Highlights from our Fall Semester

Ashley Thorne

Wondering what NAS has been up to recently? Click here for a one-stop index of some of our favorite articles this fall.


Peter Wood

After disputations about the nature of the family, reading Raggedy Ann is a welcome escape into childhood.

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Peter Wood

A handy guide to the highlights of the first season of NAS's new website. Come here first to see what we've been up to and find the best of NAS since our web upgrade!

"Protect Our Freedoms" APSA Members Petition

Members of the American Political Science Association, which is scheduled to have its annual meeting in Toronto next year, have drafted a petition that consideration be given to relocating the meeting on the grounds that Canada has shown hostility to the freedom of speech.

Townhall Readers Respond to NAS Survey

John Irving

Initial results are in for the Argus survey!

Human Nature: NAS Attends an Environmental Justice Conference

Ashley Thorne

Ashley Thorne shares reflections on the "Race, Place, and Environmental Justice" conference held on campus at Princeton.

After the Manifestos: Building a New Reform Movement in Higher Education

Peter Wood

NAS Executive Director Peter Wood addressed the annual meeting of NAS affiliate, the Minnesota Association of Scholars on April 19. He offered an overview of the various reform initiatives in higher education and proposed a way to gather many of them into a more broadly-based movement. This is his text.

Austrians in Vegas

Peter Wood

An anthropologist investigates

7. Inside the ACPA Conference

Peter Wood

A Report on the Wanna-Be Revolutionaries of College Residential Life Programs