View all statements and comments made by the National Association of Scholars on higher education policies.

NAS Comments on Proposed Foreign Disclosure Regulations


NAS's comment and recommendations on the Department of Education's proposed updates to foreign disclosure policy.

NAS Commends President Trump’s Executive Orders: No More Law by Dear Colleague Letter


NAS applauds President Trump for two recent executive orders affecting Title IX regulations, which help curb bureaucratic rule and preserve the rights of the accused.

Colorado Moves West


UC-Boulder is doubling the size of its Boulder-based Bruce D. Benson Center for Western Civilization, Thought & Policy.

South Dakota Intellectual Diversity Recommendations


NAS's comment and recommendations on South Dakota's new intellectual diversity bill which protects freedom of thought on campus. 

NAS Statement on Secretary Scott Pruitt's Proposed Rule Change


NAS welcomes the proposed rule change that would base public policy on reproducible science.

NAS Applauds Texas A&M University System for Closing Two Confucius Institutes


NAS congratulates Texas A&M University on the decision to close its Confucius Institute after receiving a bipartisan letter from two Texas Congressmen.

NAS Statement on Foreign Influence Transparency Act


The Foreign Influence Transparency Act is a step toward addressing Confucius Institutes.

The Fisher Decision: The National Association of Scholars Responds


A statement of the National Association of Scholars on the Supreme Court's decision in favor of racial preferences. 

Singling Out Israel: Why We Oppose the Boycott


A statement by The National Association of Scholars on the boycott of Israel.

The Wrong Way to Admit the Other Half: Why We Oppose Class-Based Affirmative Action

Peter Wood

A statement of the National Association of Scholars on class-based preferences in college and university admissions.

Fixing Sustainability and Sustaining Liberal Education

The National Association of Scholars critiques the campus sustainability movement and proposes how it can be set right.

Rebuilding Campus Community: The Wrong Imperative

A movement is afoot to restore our universities’ lost sense of purpose. Unfortunately, its leadership is hostile to liberal education. The movement goes by several names: “educating the whole person,” “the residential life revolution” and “the student learning imperative.” These are the Imperativists, who view the university as an instrument of progressive social change.

Sexual Harassment and Academic Freedom

College and university authorities should respond to instances of genuine sexual harassment firmly and immediately. It cannot be tolerated. However, academic freedom and the rights of individuals are violated when institutions adopt vague and arbitrary definitions of harassment that can be applied to attitudes or even to a scholar's professional views. Such practices stifle academic discussions of sensitive but legitimate topics. Worse, procedures have been widely adopted that violate the canons of due process, with the result that reputations and careers of the innocent have suffered.

The Wrong Way to Reduce Campus Tensions

The National Association of Scholars believes that the surest way to achieve educational opportunity for all and maintain a genuine sense of academic community is to evaluate each individual on the basis of personal achievement and promise.

Is the Curriculum Biased?

The banner of "cultural diversity" is being raised by some whose paramount interest actually lies in attacking the West and its institutions.