Argus Project

Blow the whistle on corruption.

The National Association of Scholars freguently publishes reports on particular colleges and universities based on material sent to us by members and friends. We call these members and friends our Argus team, because, like the mythological Argus, they see everything.

But we are not Wikileaks. We work only from public and publicly verifiable sources. This is a great way to bring national attention to local issues that deserve it. Often we find that a well-documented abuse or folly on one campus alerts people on many other campuses to similar situations. There may be no more effective tool for reforming higher education than the sharing of such local knowledge.

Help us know what's happening on your campus. 

Help bring attention to campus issues by writing to NAS about what you have observed. Select one or more campuses you would like to keep an eye on, and let us know when you find something you think deserves greater notice or scrutiny.

  1. Look at publicly available resources: college websites, course catalogs, and student newspapers, etc. If you are alumni of the college you are watching, note fundraising letters and alumni magazines.
  2. Document what you find.
  3. Send what you find to the National Association of Scholars via the form below or email your material to

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