Academic Questions

Spring 2008

Volume 21 Issue 1

Breaching the Walls of Academe: The Purposes, Problems, and Prospects of Military History

John A. Lynn II

Military history as a subject generally summons us to imagine lessons "learned from the past," phrased in abstract universals; or the entertainment value of the History Channel ("the male equivalent of the romance novel"). But perhaps there is a third arena encompassed by military history, one that now stands besieged and vulnerable. This article by John A Lynn II was published in our "Military and Higher Education" issue of Academic Questions (volume 21, number 1).

Vietnam: Historians at War

Mark Moyar

Has reasoned study of the Vietnam War been trampled by radical adherence to the politically correct? 

The Army and Academic Culture

Robert L. Bateman

Why Military History?

Josiah Bunting III

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